Seeing Double

One of these Beagles is coming to Blogpaws with me and the other is staying home. I wish it was the other way around. The cranky looking one is my favorite. Sadly, he’s just a bit on the heavy side for a carry-on and I think the TSA frowns on dogs in checked luggage.  Au revoir best friend, I’ll be back from Salt Lake soon!! 😦



Here’s to the night…


Tonight is for the 14 year old girl who saw the ‘Inside Out’ video on MTV. And the 17 year old that convinced her high school to make ‘Here’s to the night’ the prom theme. Spent 1/2 my life loving this band but never saw them live. Tonight 14 year old Sara, 17 year old Sara, and 27 year old Sara are all thrilled!!

Listen to that Ragtime…


This is what my life looks like lately. Back with more when I have a moment to breath.