Here’s to the night…


Tonight is for the 14 year old girl who saw the ‘Inside Out’ video on MTV. And the 17 year old that convinced her high school to make ‘Here’s to the night’ the prom theme. Spent 1/2 my life loving this band but never saw them live. Tonight 14 year old Sara, 17 year old Sara, and 27 year old Sara are all thrilled!!


Life According to my iPhone 5.0

Well after a successful opening for Ragtime, I’m back to share a little bit of what I’ve been up to the last few weeks.  I was mostly missing from this blog as I dedicated my life to work and rehearsal – with a trip to DC thrown in for good measure.  I’m still recovering and even that has been challenged when I received news yesterday that a family friend had passed away unexpectedly.  No rest for the wicked, I presume? As I  rest up for another weekend of Ragtime (4 shows – Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday -{what a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day- bring your mom!!} Tickets and info here. *end shameless plug*), I’m nursing a sunburn from some much needed work out in the yard.  Some day when I give up my social life my yard will look nice, I swear it. But on to the photos of the moments when I remembered to pull out my phone during the last few weeks…

From the top left moving clockwise:
1. Gwen hosted a FABULOUS Cinco de Mustache party after Ragtime on Saturday.  I danced my little heart out until the wee hours of the morning (show hair and all…).
2. Beautiful craft at my office made by a coworker.
3. My Ragtime “family,” Aaron, Maggie and myself sporting mustaches
4. National Harbor, Maryland
5. Hannah with our Volcano at Li Wah
6. (center) Lindsay and Susan showing off our tap table in DC
7. Alison at the Embrace booth during the CVC DC veterinary conference
8. Myself enjoying a beautiful evening in National Harbor.

Blessed… and Exhausted!

After 2 month of intense rehearsal, Ragtime opens tonight.  The last 2 weeks have been some of the most intense of my life. Between constant rehearsals and a trip to DC for work (and a little fun) last weekend, I am exhausted.  My house is a mess, we have no food, I’ve spent very few waking hours at home, and I feel like I’m neglecting my dogs.

All that said, I’m so glad I did this. It has been the best experience. Performing at Near West Theatre feels like the completion of a circle and performing in THIS SHOW is an honor.  The cast is so talented and the music is beautiful.  The story is timeless and the sets & costumes are incredible.

Are you a Clevelander? Do you enjoy theatre?  If so, you should come see Ragtime.  Performances are tonight through May 20. Check out the photos and video below for more info then go purchase your tickets at the Near West Theatre website. I promise you won’t regret it!

"Success" before costumes

“Success” before costumes

“Success” in costume

“The Night that Goldman Spoke at Union Square”

Hans Holznagel at Tateh in “Success”

So will I see you there? (All photos and video by Geoff Short)

Listen to that Ragtime…


This is what my life looks like lately. Back with more when I have a moment to breath.

Dog Texting = Funny

This is totally my new favorite blog.  Check out Text from Dog.

Foster Dog #16: Baby Ruth

The magical… IF. IF I had taken that cab… If I hadn’t gone to that bar… IF I could have made that light…

Today that IF is “if we hadn’t adopted Kramer.”  If we hadn’t adopted Kramer, this would probably be a different post… that is how awesome this puppy is.  Ruth is the sweetest, cutest, most lovable little puppy you ever did see (and yes, I am including Henry in that statement which should tell you just how serious I am about this).  She’s about 5 month old, well-behaved and mostly housetrained. Those things I know.  What I don’t know is what kind of dog she is. I’ve heard Jack Russell Terrier, Corgi, Beagle, Basset Hound, and more.  What do you think?

I’ll admit that things didn’t start out as you might hope.  Chris picked her up and she peed in the back of his car on the way home.  Luckily, she’s got the kinda face that helps her get out of most anything.  The fact that she didn’t have an accident in the house the first 24 hours, knew how to sit and cuddles like a pro brought her stock back up real quick.

The best part?  She plays with Kramer.  We thought maybe Kramer didn’t like to play in the house because on the rare occasions where Henry tried to play with him he was having none of it. Ruth brings out the puppy in Kramer.  She crawls over him, walks under him and bites his face when she wants to play.  Sometimes Kramer is not thrilled but generally he pulls out the puppy behavior and give it right back to her.  Suddenly, they’re running laps, rolling all over the floor and wrestling.  It’s honestly the cutest thing. 

Another awesome thing about Ruth? Everybody loves her.  It’s like this dog can do no wrong. Even the people who don’t pay my dogs any mind at work want to cuddle with Ruth.  She made friends with every dog in the office on Tuesday and cajoled treats from anyone she could (which was okay with me because she’s significantly underweight).

Ruth has a ways to go when it comes to growing up but she’s learning quick.  Within a few attempts, she’s added “lay down” and “stay” to her repertoire of “sit.” She’s still got a lot to learn but she’s a smart little girl and repetition is all it takes.  She’ll be spayed soon and could use a loving home (other dogs appreciated but not required). Someone please adopt this dog… before I do. Seriously though- everyone keeps joking about adding Ruth to our pack permanently and, as much as I wish I could, I can’t.  So I want her to find the absolute best home. Think you have it? Visit the Secondhand Mutts site and fill out an application, but but if you do, do it quick. This dog is bound to be popular and you don’t want her to be your magical IF!

Blogger Yoga at Nishkama

In the last 10 months, yoga has become my workout of choice.  When I started at Embrace, I learned that they had a fabulous wellness program including weekly yoga classes at the office. SCORE! Even better was the fact that Embrace covered half the cost so a 4 week session was only $14.  I was all over this and have been practicing regularly since July.

Yoga is the perfect workout for me.  A combination of strength, flexibility and balance work, I always feel accomplished and exhausted after a session. I’ve gotten pretty good adequate at the poses and am starting to gain the strength in my upper body (something I have struggled with my whole life) to do some of the more complicated poses. Our in-office instructor, Jessica, is fabulous at giving us the time and attention when it comes to trying new things but not pushing us to hard.

Last month, I finally got to take advantage of one of the free workshops at Nishkama Yoga in Independence after hearing about it from Alicia of Poise in Parma.  Alicia is Nishkama’s Director of Operations and a yogi herself.  The free workshop was an opportunity for new Nishkama instructors to practice teaching classes before they hit the big time and I, for one, am happy to be a yoga test dummy!  The experience was great and, thought it was a fairly basic class, I walked out sweating.

So when Alicia invited me to a a blogger exclusive yoga session at Nishkama’s new location in North Olmsted, I jumped at the opportunity! When I walked in this afternoon, I was thrilled to see some of my favorite CLE bloggers would be joining me in the class.  The yoga skill level was all over the map – from those who had never done yoga before to Becca of Peace, Love and Bagels – a yoga instructor in training. I didn’t know quite what to expect from the class but I was ready for anything.

Our instructor, Ylonda, the Co-Owner & Director of NYNO, was fabulous.  She started off slow for the newbies but got us moving, working through a flow and holding poses for just long enough to make us squirm! It is so nice to take a class and know what I’m doing but still feel challenged by the change in routine that comes from a new instructor. By the time we hit back bents at the end of class, I was a sweaty mess.  My favorite little surprise was actually shavasana.  Ylonda played this fabulous string music. It was beautiful and relaxing and a total departure from what I’ve become used to.

After class we indulged in a few healthy snacks and took the opportunity to catch up.  I’ve been busy with Ragtime and missed the last blogger meet up so it was fabulous reconnecting with these fabulous ladies (and gentleman, Brandon!). Thanks so much to Alicia for inviting me, to Ylonda for an awesome class and the CLE blogging community for coming out!

Interested in trying a class at Nishkama?  The grand opening of their North Olmsted studio (located at 24765 Lorain Road) is May 5th and they’ll be having free classes all day.  Click here to sign up!

WTF?! Wednesday

The warmest March on record and snow on April 10th.  My tulips are not pleased.

Overshadowed again…

As usual, Chris and I were completely overshadowed at the holiday family gatherings by Henry and Kramer. I guess it’s good practice for babies, right?

Kramer was extra lovey and Henry just sat waiting for treats most of the day.

We hope you had a happy Easter!

IBL 2012 According to my iPhone

Well, we survived another year at the Indian Bear Lodge.  This year we were a newer and smaller lodge in the IBL community, the Little Rock Lodge. This lodge was set up for partying.  Bedrooms on one side and party room on the other.  The party room had a bar, pool table, big screen tv and room to play cornhole inside.

This wasn’t the nicest year at the lodge. It was kinda cold and Friday night we saw a tornado in the distance, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t find ways to have fun!  Sadly, after popping out an adorable little girl, Dr. Lisa wasn’t there to take 500 photos this year.  I got a few ridiculous pics on my iPhone.  Here’s my weekend according to my iPhone starting with night 1…

(From left to right & top to bottom)

1. Mini shuffle board is surprisingly awesome.
2. Friday night perogies for 20 + people.
3. Lovely Hostess Candice making sangria
4. What’s the max on the hot tub?  Who knows! It was practically empty the next morning.
5. Party Room!
6.  Tornado in the distance.  Never seen one of those in real life before this weekend!

Day 2 (Starting at top left and going clockwise around)

1. After a rousing round of Sink the Biz, Chris decided he could not allow the beer in the bucket
go to waste. So he drank the bucket…
2. Casey is totally sober in this picture…. TOTALLY sober…
3. Glad we brought the beer bong even if Candice was the only one to use it!
4. Chris with his birthday cupcake.
5. Beautiful birthday cupcakes from Rachel for Chris, Trish, Erin and Jenny.

Thanks to the awesome group that made this year just as memorable as the previous 3!  Now back to my regularly scheduled life…