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Beerlympics 2.012

I’m a little late on the New Year’s posts.  Your probably sick of reading them.  Sorry about that but I’ll try to be quick and plentiful in photos.

Our trip to DC this year was just as memorable as ever.  As soon as we hit the beltway, it was time to party.  We spent the first night out in DC at Redline in Chinatown.  There was drinking, dancing and a game I am terrible at— the metro balance. On the way home, at 2am, we had the car all to ourselves. Hilarity ensued.

Night 2 was all about the toga beerlympics.  We went all out.  Fabric store for togas, Michael’s for greenery and wire to make laurel wreathes, the grocery store for champagne and more. We looked pretty classy.  Here is the final product…

Well yes, that is a bucket full of champagne. That’s how we roll.

As usual, things got weird…

Yup.  My friends are the best.  The actual beerlympics started late and deteriorated quickly this year but it was still a great time. We spent New Year’s day watching the Browns lose to the Steelers and eating pork and sauerkraut cooked by the fabulous Mrs. LP.  The next day we headed home into a snow storm, another new year’s eve in the books.

As for resolutions, I failed at my 2011 resolution.  I started out sending cards like it was my job.  Then I started running out of occasion appropriate cards and things just went down hill from there.

As for 2012, I have a few hopes and dreams.

  1. Finish the Scene restaurant challenge (8 to go!).
  2. Grow my blog.
  3. Keep on rockin’ my CLE love.

Stay classy in 2012, friends.  If all goes as planned, we’ll welcome 2013 in DC as well.  We call dibs on the guest room, Linds!


CLE 2 DC 4 NYE 2.012

It’s that time again.  What time, you ask?  That time when Chris and I make our annual NYE trek to DC.  Why do we do this?  Because we’re always guaranteed a good time!  Don’t believe me?  Check out my recap of our first 2 DC NYE trips and my review of last year’s beer Olympics.  This year we’re continues the beer Olympics tradition but going a little more old school.  How old?  I’m talking 2500 years old.

So it will be a little of this…

but really a lot more of this…

It should be AWESOME! 🙂

Wordless Wednesday

(and Kramer too! We had this card printed before he was in our life!)

Life According to My Iphone 3.0

The holidays are always busy and this year is no different.  I attended 3 parties yesterday!  It was crazy. Awesome, but crazy. I would not have made it through to 2am if it weren’t for the nap I took between party #1 and party #2.  I really really love naps.  So here’s a quick glimpse at life through my iphone!

On December 1st I made this recipe for Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork from My Retro Kitchen.  I was a little nervous because I’m not much of a cook but with a little love and some support from Facebook friends, it turned out really well.  It was delicious and it provided quick easy meals for days! Here’s my pulled pork sandwich with a side of Dr. Pepper!

The same day I made the pulled pork, Chris and I attended the wrap-up party for Movember.  If you haven’t heard about it, Movember is a month of men growing mustaches in an effort to promote awareness and fundraising for prostate and testicular cancer.  My friends Andy and Casey were part of the Cleveland Mo Bros.  Their upper lip art and that of their team helped raise over $13,000!  The wrap up party happened at The Blind Pig and there was a lot of creepin’ going on. I shot this pic of the guys in all their mustache glory…

A week later, I got back to what I really know and love- eating out.  Crystal from Eat Drink Cleveland and I tackled one of my Scene list restaurants, Amp 150.  It was AMAZING and I will have a full report this week.  Here we are completely stuffed…

We took in a new foster dog this week.  His name is Mr. Bo Jangles.  He’s the sweetest most laid back foster dog we have ever had. More on him in my usual foster report coming soon!

The first of yesterday’s 3 parties was an ornament exchange. It was the perfect afternoon get together with lots of great food, mimosas and a fun white elephant exchange. There was even the added bonus of ugly holiday sweaters.  I rocked an amazing Looney Tunes Christmas vest that my mom bought new about 15 years ago.  Sadly, the only picture I got was of Poe in his Christmas sweater, but it’s a cute one…

We ended yesterday at Russ and Summer’s house for a big tee party in honor of Russ & Lardi’s birthdays.  We got there late as we were coming from Chris’s company Christmas party so things were already in full swing.  I have never seen so many oversized t-shirts in one place.  It was fantastic.  Russ decided that the big tee just wasn’t enough…

I think that sums up life lately.  I’m going to go back to laying on the couch now… 🙂


Ice, Ice Baby

Well, another successful Thanksgiving has come and gone.  We enjoyed a delicious meal, had fun with friends, and in a strange turn of events, Chris and I rocked at beer pong.  That’s probably why we spent the entire morning in bed. 

Now we’re off to take the dogs for a long walk and prepare for the ultimate holiday: Thankskegging. Don’t know what Thankskegging is?  Check out my post from last year.

While I’m gone, check this out.  I discovered it in my neighborhood on the way home from a hair cut last weekend.  It’s awesome.

Halloween in Photos

Happy All Saints Day!

…you’re right… Happy All Saints Day just doesn’t have the same ring to it as Happy Halloween.  I hope you had a fabulous weekend of dressing up and acting ridiculous.  That’s what halloween is about, right?  Costumes, having too much of things we shouldn’t (whether that be booze or candy… or both) and celebrating ridiculousness. 

We spend Saturday night completely relishing the ridiculousness.  I won’t bore you with a lot of writing in this post.  I’ll focus on the photos.  First we headed to Kate’s house.  I must say, Chris and I knew our costumes were… bulky obnoxious bound to get in the way.  Chris had a cardboard golf club on his head and I was wearing wings.

You may be asking yourself… “Ummm, what in the world is Chris?”  Well, Chris is a driver. He started out as a sober driver.  Later, he was a drunk driver.  Get it?  Okay, good! I’m quite impressed with how this costume came together.

I love unique costumes.  At Kate’s I saw one of the best costumes ever. Why was it the best?  He brought his own booze IN HIS COSTUME. GENIUS! Check out Mr. Franzia… He gives a whole new meaning to playing Slap the Bag!!

After Kate’s, we were off to Candice and Gabe’s.  Candice and Gabe don’t like Halloween.  They hate it so much that when we got together to decorate for the party last weekend I discovered their MULTIPLE BOXES AND BAGS of decor and helped turn their dining room into Dexter’s kill room.  Yup, Dexter’s kill room.  Best. Idea. Ever.  We covered the room in plastic, put a body on the table and even took pictures of ourselves to be the killer’s victims.  Check it out.

And here are our hosts…

The Godfather (Gabriel):

and Marilyn Monroe (Candice):

If a severed head and a cleaver doesn’t make you feel welcome, I don’t know what will.  However, people must have felt comfortable because there were a lot of them- enjoying the Great Lakes beer, spiced cider and snacks.  Here are some pics of my friends and their costumes…

This next set of photos tells a drunken tale.  It goes something like this.  There once was a man we called the Captain.  He loved his crunchberries.  Then one day the Hamburglar, who was looking to branch out in her burglary,stole the crunchberries.  By the time the Captain got the berrier back he was so exhausted that he got sick in the box.  The Hamburglar just laughed.

Good story, right?  I thought so.  Later in the night things went downhill… in the best way possible.  The way that has Chris and I acting like idiots, bumping into things (and people) due to our costumes and stealing other people’s…

Overall, it was an awesome evening.  We’re already thinking about what we’ll be for Halloween next year (though I’m sure I’ll forget all these ideas in the next 364 days). I like to think that fun Halloween parties make up for the fact that my neighborhood is sadly lacking in trick-or-treaters (we had 15 this year).  Personally, I don’t mind lacking in trick-or-treaters to get a plethora of  awesome parties.  I think it works out in my favor.  BTW-  Candice- you didn’t really mean it when you said this was the last year you were having this party… right???? 🙂

P.S.  Did I mention Henry and I dressed up for work too?  Check out the pictures on Embrace’s Facebook page.

St. Party’s Day

No… that is not a typo (this time).  Yesterday, I was updating my Facebook status from my iPhone on the way downtown and it auto-corrected St. Patty’s Day to St. Party’s Day.  Seems like quite the apropos accident as it was QUITE the party!

My first Cleveland celebration of St. Patrick’s Day had its ups and down.  It was an experience that I’m glad I can say I had but not something I am sure I would want to do again. 

We got downtown around 11 a.m. and got free parking at CSU using Chris’s student parking pass. SCORE!  We then walked the 14 blocks to E. 4th St. to meet up with my co-worker, Lindsay, at The Greenhouse Tavern.  The streets were filled with people in their St. Patty’s finest and on our way to the Greenhouse we ran into Chris’s trial team partner, Susie.  She didn’t have plans so she and her boyfriend, Troy,  joined us for a few drinks.  Fab.

Lindsay and me at The Greenhouse Tavern

Susie & Troy at The Greenhouse Tavern

Then it was time to go to the parade.  The weather was great and that was a blessing and a curse.  Good weather = bigger crowds.  Bigger, drunker crowds.  Screaming, pushing, swearing crowds.  I was not impressed by my fellow Clevelanders… anyway… We were near the end of the route and though we arrived close to the start time, waited 40 minutes to actually SEE anything.  That, combined with the fact that I wasn’t nearly drunk enough AND hadn’t eaten much led to a bad time. 

Flag flying above Public Square- St. Patrick's Day

We stayed at the parade until we saw Chris’s sister, Emily, and then went to meet his friend, Kimm, at the House of Blues. I’ll be honest- I wanted to go home at this point.  I was hungry, cranky and sick of standing.  Luckily, Kimm and her boyfriend, Eric, were a lot of fun.  My mood improved dramatically.  We hit a few more bars and my sister was generous enough to pick us up on her way home from work (Thanks Tracy!).

I’ ll leave you with a photo Chris asked me not to take. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled I’m posting it. 🙂  Erin Go Bragh!

Kiss me, I’m Irish!

Okay… so… I’m not Irish…  but Chris is!  Kiss him!  No, wait, don’t kiss my husband.  That’s my job!

I am celebrating my first St. Patrick’s Day in Cleveland tomorrow!  Yes, I know I grew up in Cleveland and most of my St. Patrick’s Days have been here but I have never actually CELEBRATED here before.  We celebrated in college and once in DC (see photos below) but I’ve never been part of the festivities here in Cleveland.

So, Chris and I are taking the day off work and experiencing St. Patty’s as it was meant to be – at the bar, before noon!  Just Kidding.  Well, sorta… but I can’t wait!  I have to say, I was always jealous of the kids who got taken out of school on St. Patrick’s Day to go downtown for the parade.  Well, really, I was jealous of the kids who’s parents took them out of school for anything! 

As I mentioned, I’m not Irish but Chris is and his sister, Emily, will be in the parade with her Irish Dance troop!  So, if you are downtown tomorrow, be safe and keep an eye out for me.  🙂

St. Patrick's Day 2006

GDI's- St. Patrick's Day 2006

St. Patrick's Day 2007 in DC


Verizon could not have planned their release of the iPhone any better.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the iPhone is the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t know what to get their signficant other.  My husband is that someone and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!

Chris got the iPhone a few months ago.  I was fascinated by it from the beginning but really fell in love on our New Years trip to D.C.  The apps kept me entertained in the car, I could check Facebook, IMDB (for the inevitable “Where do I know that actor from?”) and those Angry Birds are just irresistable!

So, when I woke up on Valentine’s Day to a pretty purple iPhone case wrapped in motorcycle magazine covers (yup, this is still Chris), I was 1. SHOCKED and 2. THRILLED.  I will be the first to admit that I don’t deserve it, don’t NEED it but I’LL TAKE IT!

Since the iPhone just came out for Verizon on Thursday, they were sold out when Chris tried to get me one but it was back in stock this week and he picked it up yesterday.  I could barely get the picture taken before I was ripping the plastic off the box and diving in…

From there it was a race to get the thing programmed.

Unfortunately, with the change of account from my parents family plan (yes, I was still on my parent’s cell phone plan! It was just so cheap!!)  to an individual plan I lost my online verizon account and all my phone numbers.  Since I wasn’t at Verizon when the phone was purchased I wasn’t able to have them all transfered automatically.  But after an hour of entering numbers (it was a good excuse to purge my phone book), I was downloading apps like it was my job.

I’m already playing Words with Friends with 6 people and I don’t even like Scrabble.  That’s what the iPhone does to you. It turns you into a technology crazed, scrabble playing, angry bird obsessed addict.  Thanks to my husband for feeding my addiction. 🙂

New Years 2011- Beer Olympics

Okay… it’s been 10 days.  It is time for the New Years DC trip post.  Since I have waited so long and I am feeling a little uninspired (not by the trip- the trip was awesome- probably one of the best we’ve had), I will sum up the 5 things to know about Beer Olympics in photos…

1…Adorable baby…

Jimmy makes me smile!

2… much man love…

It seems that Dane is the new JT for Chris’s bro-mance desires…
This picture wouldn’t be that bad if it weren’t for JT’s green tights & bootie shorts.

3… teams fighting for glory… 

2 guys, 2 girls, 4 cups (best team name ever!)Team SAHF

Team T******** C**** (Beery Olympics Champions)



Dane was so dedicated to his team that he tattooed ‘224Life’ on his arm.

5…million icings…

A sampling of the many icings that took place...

Thanks to Katie & Danny for hosting the events and Lindsay & JT for hosting Chris & me for the weekend.  It was a blast!