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June is Bustin’ Out All Over

10 nerd points to anyone who can tell me where that reference comes from!

Oh my! June has been quite the month for travel. We’re 18 days in and I’ve already been to Columbus and Florida and on Wednesday I leave for Blogpaws in Salt Lake City. My sleeping schedule is a mess from all the travel but my heart is so full and my skin is so tan.  These are the times you look back and remember but, man, are they tiring while they are happening.

Here’s a look into the last few weeks thanks to my Iphone. First, Columbus where I spent some quality time with one of my favorite families and their new pup, hit the zoo with the GDI’s and had some drinks and dinner with Megan.  I have to say that the trip made me nostalgic for college.  If I could move my family and my job down there, I’d move to C-bus in a heartbeat!

Ann and Josie (who I hadn’t seen since she was a baby- WHAT A CUTIE!) trying to figure out how we get to lunch. If only we could have gotten into the map like Joey on Friends.

Michelle pretending to be a penguin because…well, she’s Michelle!

Wes and Isaac at the Columbus Zoo.

Naomi and Goldendoodle puppy, Guthrie

$5 Cosmo at Bar 23 with Megan

Naomi with her flowers after Columbus Dance Theatre’s “The Jungle Book.” Gabe was in it too but he’s anti-photo these days.

Next was a quick trip to Tampa with my dad.  Sadly, my grandma’s had a rough year battling lung cancer and most recently pneumonia.  She’s 88 years old and a true fighter so we’re hoping for the best. She was in the hospital when we got there but moved to a rehab facility on Thursday.  While there was no way she was going to let me take her picture, I had fun looking through all her photo albums.  I even brought one to the hospital for us to look through together. It led to lots of good stories! When we weren’t with grandma, dad and I went to the pool, the beach, and the bar. All good times!!

I found this photo when going through an album with my grandma. I adore it. From left to right are my dad, my grandma and my uncle Dave. How cool do they look? Like right off a Hollywood set.

After I was done being quizzed by the matriarchs of the community, I had to get a photo of the weathered Piney Point safety ring at the pool. Thanks to my Camera Awesome app for the great effect!

Seagulls at the Manatee County beach. They sure were brave.

Hopefully, I’ll feel especially motivated to post while I’m at Blogpaws this weekend.  Keep an eye out for an increase in posting as my crazy June winds down.  How’s your month going?


Life According to my iPhone 5.0

Well after a successful opening for Ragtime, I’m back to share a little bit of what I’ve been up to the last few weeks.  I was mostly missing from this blog as I dedicated my life to work and rehearsal – with a trip to DC thrown in for good measure.  I’m still recovering and even that has been challenged when I received news yesterday that a family friend had passed away unexpectedly.  No rest for the wicked, I presume? As I  rest up for another weekend of Ragtime (4 shows – Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday -{what a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day- bring your mom!!} Tickets and info here. *end shameless plug*), I’m nursing a sunburn from some much needed work out in the yard.  Some day when I give up my social life my yard will look nice, I swear it. But on to the photos of the moments when I remembered to pull out my phone during the last few weeks…

From the top left moving clockwise:
1. Gwen hosted a FABULOUS Cinco de Mustache party after Ragtime on Saturday.  I danced my little heart out until the wee hours of the morning (show hair and all…).
2. Beautiful craft at my office made by a coworker.
3. My Ragtime “family,” Aaron, Maggie and myself sporting mustaches
4. National Harbor, Maryland
5. Hannah with our Volcano at Li Wah
6. (center) Lindsay and Susan showing off our tap table in DC
7. Alison at the Embrace booth during the CVC DC veterinary conference
8. Myself enjoying a beautiful evening in National Harbor.

IBL 2012 According to my iPhone

Well, we survived another year at the Indian Bear Lodge.  This year we were a newer and smaller lodge in the IBL community, the Little Rock Lodge. This lodge was set up for partying.  Bedrooms on one side and party room on the other.  The party room had a bar, pool table, big screen tv and room to play cornhole inside.

This wasn’t the nicest year at the lodge. It was kinda cold and Friday night we saw a tornado in the distance, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t find ways to have fun!  Sadly, after popping out an adorable little girl, Dr. Lisa wasn’t there to take 500 photos this year.  I got a few ridiculous pics on my iPhone.  Here’s my weekend according to my iPhone starting with night 1…

(From left to right & top to bottom)

1. Mini shuffle board is surprisingly awesome.
2. Friday night perogies for 20 + people.
3. Lovely Hostess Candice making sangria
4. What’s the max on the hot tub?  Who knows! It was practically empty the next morning.
5. Party Room!
6.  Tornado in the distance.  Never seen one of those in real life before this weekend!

Day 2 (Starting at top left and going clockwise around)

1. After a rousing round of Sink the Biz, Chris decided he could not allow the beer in the bucket
go to waste. So he drank the bucket…
2. Casey is totally sober in this picture…. TOTALLY sober…
3. Glad we brought the beer bong even if Candice was the only one to use it!
4. Chris with his birthday cupcake.
5. Beautiful birthday cupcakes from Rachel for Chris, Trish, Erin and Jenny.

Thanks to the awesome group that made this year just as memorable as the previous 3!  Now back to my regularly scheduled life…

What Happens at the Lodge…

It’s lodge weekend!!!!  Don’t know what I’m talking about? See posts here and here then wait for the ridiculous results on this year’s trip in the weeks to come…


Life According to My iPhone 4.0

I love Life According to My iPhone posts.  They help me remember all the awesome things I’ve been up to.  Sometimes I’m so busy and have to move onto the next thing so quickly, that I forget.  As stressful as these busy times are, if had lots of free time, I’d probably get bored and try to fill it.

We headed up to Syracuse last weekend to visit our friends the Zinninger (you might remember them from my posts about trips to their lake house here and here. We had a fabulous time drinking, skiing and socializing.  I am amazed by the way this family welcomes us with open arms every time.  We are so lucky to have met them.

On Tuesday, I headed to Wine & Design in Tremont for a Ohio Blogging Association wine tasting.  I love combining 2 things I love (wine & blogging, if that wasn’t obvious) into a great night out.  The wine was delicious (although not my normal sweet white preference), the company was wonderful and I was reminded what a great community Cleveland has.  Overall, a winning night. YAY!

Now I’m sitting in my hotel room in Columbus.  Today I put up the Embrace booth at the Midwest Veterinary Conference and I’ll be working there for the rest of the week.  It should be a good time (we have Plinko!) and I’m excited to having so many of my co-workers coming down to work the show with me.  Hopefully, I’ll have a few photos and info on that soon but for now, I’m off to bed.  Good night, reader!

Beerlympics 2.012

I’m a little late on the New Year’s posts.  Your probably sick of reading them.  Sorry about that but I’ll try to be quick and plentiful in photos.

Our trip to DC this year was just as memorable as ever.  As soon as we hit the beltway, it was time to party.  We spent the first night out in DC at Redline in Chinatown.  There was drinking, dancing and a game I am terrible at— the metro balance. On the way home, at 2am, we had the car all to ourselves. Hilarity ensued.

Night 2 was all about the toga beerlympics.  We went all out.  Fabric store for togas, Michael’s for greenery and wire to make laurel wreathes, the grocery store for champagne and more. We looked pretty classy.  Here is the final product…

Well yes, that is a bucket full of champagne. That’s how we roll.

As usual, things got weird…

Yup.  My friends are the best.  The actual beerlympics started late and deteriorated quickly this year but it was still a great time. We spent New Year’s day watching the Browns lose to the Steelers and eating pork and sauerkraut cooked by the fabulous Mrs. LP.  The next day we headed home into a snow storm, another new year’s eve in the books.

As for resolutions, I failed at my 2011 resolution.  I started out sending cards like it was my job.  Then I started running out of occasion appropriate cards and things just went down hill from there.

As for 2012, I have a few hopes and dreams.

  1. Finish the Scene restaurant challenge (8 to go!).
  2. Grow my blog.
  3. Keep on rockin’ my CLE love.

Stay classy in 2012, friends.  If all goes as planned, we’ll welcome 2013 in DC as well.  We call dibs on the guest room, Linds!

Planes, Trains and the Social Network

Today I traveled from Cleveland to Philadelphia to Atlantic City for work.  First I took a plane…

Then I took 2 trains.  First from the Philly airport to 30th Street Stations (flashing back to memories of my year in Philly – and many many SEPTA rides- the whole way) and from there on NJ Transit to Atlantic City.

Finally, I took a shuttle and landed at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

As you might be able to tell, along the way I was engaging in my social media obsession. I would post photos on Facebook, check-in and indulge in my favorite blogs via the RSS reader on my Iphone.  Sometimes I am amazed by the power of the social network.  My old college friend, Abby, just happened to see my post about Atlantic City.

Off the top of my head, I can’t remember how Abby and I met.  Probably in a Communication class.  We lived close together, hung out fairly regularly on campus and Abby was often generous enough to give me rides to and from school (she had a car on campus way before I did!).

Sadly, Abby and I lost touch (besides the occasional Facebook check-ins) after college.  Until today!  Abby saw my post and asked how long I would be in Atlantic City.  Turns out she lives only 30 minutes away!  To my joy and amazement, we are now having dinner on Wednesday night.

Some people might laugh at my love of social media but moments like these make me realize just how valuable it can be.

Have you had a truly memorable social media moment???

Life According to my iPhone 2.0

Can somebody please tell me where September has gone?  The last few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind.  In that time, we’ve had 2 doggie house guests, 2 house parties, a rehearsal dinner, a wedding and a new job.  That’s a lot for 2 weeks!  It’s times like these that I like to look back on things through the lens of my trusty iPhone.  You may remember that I did a post like this once before.  I think it’s a nice glimpse into my world and I thoroughly recommend taking a look at your life through the photos (and video!) on your phone.  Honestly, how did we get along before smart phones???

As I mentioned in my previous post about  Armani and the fan, our friends, Russ & Summer, got married 2 weeks ago.  Chris was in the wedding so we got to enjoy not 1 but 2 delicious dinners at the beautiful Hyatt Regency at the Arcade.  Lucky, also, for our very social group of friends that the Hyatt is so close to E. 4th St., one of my favorite bar hopping areas in downtown CLE.  After both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding, we ended up at Cadillac Ranch.  We drank, we danced, and it was only inevitable that people would ride the bull.  The first night, Summer took a ride…

and the second night, Russ (in his wedding clothes!) got in on the action.  I even got video.  For such a big strong guy, he doesn’t last long!  🙂

The wedding was a blast. Here are just a few snapshots from the night…

The day after the wedding, Chris & I threw a big party.  I was too busy playing hostess to take any pictures.  Luckily, everyone seemed to have a good time and that’s all that matters, right?

In any case, I made up the lack of pictures the next weekend when Tracy hosted Brian’s Surprise 30th Birthday Party at our house.  Even with the party taking place at our house, it was amazing how much of a weight came off my shoulders when I wasn’t technically the host.  First, a quick video of the surprise.  I think Brian was simply stunned…

Here are a few pics from the party…  The birthday boy…

Baren’s yoga class…

Darin & Turtle both sank the final cup against Brian & me in beer pong.  2 balls, 1 cup…no rebuttles.

My 2 favorite people looking like they Tracy just threw a wildly successful party…

Late into the evening that night,  I snuck out to visit another birthday party.  My co-worker, Chrissy, turned 27 at the Velvet Dog…

…and on my way too and from the bar I simply had to harass my friend, Andy, who was working the door at The Blind Pig… Yes, I did make a girl smoking outside the bar take our picture.  Yes, she did look annoyed. No, I don’t care.

I told you about Armani, the excitable Pug that stayed with us for a week while Russ and Summer were on their honeymoon.  This past Saturday, we got to watch Ralphie, the sweetest Beagle/Dachshund mix, while our friends Candice and Gabe were at a wedding.  Ralphie fit right in.

Henry loved him and by Sunday morning they were playing like brothers.  Check out the video I took at 8 a.m. (yawn) right before I made them both cuddle up back in bed with me for 2 more hours…  It’s almost like they are dancing around each other. Henry and Ralph are about the same height and they were constantly trying to get a head up on the other or butt check them into submission.

This weekend, I’m off to Portland, ME for work.  I’ll be pitching Embrace to veterinary professionals by day and exploring the land of lobsters & lighthouses with Chrissy by night.  The best part?  My cousin, Morgan, lives there and is meeting us for dinner and drinks Friday night.  It should be a blast!

A Pug’s Life

We have friends. (Astonishing, I know.) Two of those friends are Russ & Summer. They are fun. Here we are with them at Russ’s brother’s wedding last September…

Russ and Summer used to live far away. First in Texas. Then in Colorado. Now they live 5 minutes away, which makes me happy. Armani, the Pug, lives with them.

On Friday, Russ and Summer got married! Armani was there too.

Now, Russ and Summer are on their honeymoon in St. Lucia and, while they are gone, Armani is staying with us. He is quite the character. He’s your typical, lovable pug who always wants to cuddle and makes the funniest faces. I would swear he’s really trying to understand what I say when I’m talking to him.

However, Armani has one little quirk- he hates ceiling fans. I don’t know what he has against them. It’s not like he was lifted into one by his dad at a Burger King when he was 6 like my sister…

Don’t believe me? Check out this video…

Told you so. 🙂

P.S. Summer, if you are reading this, I think you should start a blog about Armani and call it “A Pug’s Life.” 🙂

August in Photos

As you may be able to tell from the sad little number 6 next to August in the right column, I’ve been busy living life and haven’t had much time to blog about it.  If I have faithful readers out there, I sincerely apologize.  To give you a sense of what’s been keeping me so busy, I thought I would share my “month in pictures.”  Very little writing for me. Very little reading for you.  Just the good stuff that everybody loves- photos!

Let’s begin with the first major August event- the wedding of Kaitlyn Engelmeier and Danny Douglass.  It was a gorgeous day in Pittsburgh, drinks were had, cookies were spilled…

What are JT and Lindsay singing in that last photo?  I have no idea… feel free to comment on this post with the answer if you remember, Lindsay!

The next weekend we were on the road again, this time to upstate New York.  Lake of the Woods is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places ever- no matter the time of day…

What do we do at the lake?  During the day, we kayak, go tubing, sun ourselves on the floating dock, read or take a ride in the jet boat.  This year there was a new addition- Riley the Golden Doodle.  He was pretty stinkin’ cute!

After a long day of sleeping in, tubing and tanning, everyone is tired and glad to see happy hour come around.  No matter what your drink of choice…

Ofcourse, if you get bored at the lake house, you can always take a trip to one of the wineries for some wine slushies…

After that, it was a much needed weekend home.  I showered Baby Barbz and finished my bedroom furniture project with Lindsay while Chris and the boys went to Ocean City, MD for Jack’s bachelor party.  Then it was time to head to DC- the most convenient trip ever….  No, really, I’m being serious.  The Blogpaws conference, which I attended for work, fell on the same weekend as Lauren’s DC bachelorette party! WINNING! (is winning out, yet?  I’m probably behind the times on this one…)

Blogpaws, the conference for pet bloggers, was great.  I learned a lot about blogging, social media and email marketing.  There were also lots of cute pets and great people!  I met Dorian from Your Daily Cute, Pamela from Something Wagging This Way Comes, and as I mentioned before, A.J. from I Still Want More Puppies.  There were great vendors and even some adorable puppies up for adoption.  I fell totally in love with Devika, the little lady in my previous post.  I wish I could have adopted her and taken her home to meet Henry.  Lastly, the swag! I could do a whole post on the swag… but luckily A.J. already wrote one so visit her blog and check out the great stuff we found in our swag bags!!

After a few days at Blogpaws, it was off to celebrate the last of Ace’s Ladies Bachelorette Parties- which makes me a little sad to think about.  Hurricane Irene was bearing down on DC- but we would not be detoured.  Lauren was the classiest of bachelorettes- I mean, just look at that sash…

We weathered the storm and showed Irene who’s boss!  Between the limo, 20 Washington Apples and a blow-up doll named Richard, we forgot all about the rain…

Last, but certainly not least, I would be remiss if I did not give a shout out to Stonewall, Nelly and The Closeness…

Soooooo, that was my August.  How was yours?