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Overshadowed again…

As usual, Chris and I were completely overshadowed at the holiday family gatherings by Henry and Kramer. I guess it’s good practice for babies, right?

Kramer was extra lovey and Henry just sat waiting for treats most of the day.

We hope you had a happy Easter!


(Barely) Almost Wordless Wednesday

I meant to post this hours ago but got distracted by an impromptu cookout and rehearsal…

I worked from home yesterday and the dogs reveled in the fabulous weather- one getting covered in mud while endlessly chasing a racquet ball (Kramer) and the other chomping on every dead leaf leftover from fall that he could find (Henry). Here’s a few quick pics…



Wordless Wednesday

The Rottweiler started it, but I’m sure the Beagle helped finish it.  Nice job, guys.

Wordless Wednesday

Kramer’s adoption photo:

Cosmo Kramer: The badass guard dog Chris always wanted  Big Softy 🙂