About Sara

Hi! My name is Sara Plain and Tall. Some of my friends know me as S-Rad.   I am a 20-something who was born, raised and is now back to living in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio (after college in Columbus, an internship in NYC and a year in Philly) with my motorcycle obsessed husband, Chris,  our adorable beagle-mix rescue pup, Henry, and our newest addition a lovable Rottweiler named Cosmo Kramer. I work in marketing for Embrace Pet Insurance and Chris is currently a part-time law clerk and a part time student at Cleveland Marshall College of Law. With Chris at school most evenings, I spend my time blogging, fostering dogs and trying to keep myself entertained.

Three years into owning our first house,  Chris and I are still stumbling through learning the ins and out of DIY.  When we aren’t busy being a student, fostering dogs or riding motorcycles, we like to spend time with friends and traveling.

So, you may be asking yourself “What kind of blog is this?”  Good question- I often ask myself that. Well, it’s a hybrid of sorts.  Take a little DIY discovery, some puppy love, throw in some Cleveland pride, personal stuff and my attempts to fit blogging into an already busy life and … TADA! Finding the time! 🙂

This is us.

Our Wedding- May 2009

Our house

Our first dog, Henry

Dog #2, Cosmo Kramer

To see where I started this whole blogging thing, you can visit my old Blogger site.


One thought on “About Sara

  1. Becca says:

    Sara! It was awesome meeting you last night 🙂 I am really looking forward to following your blog (it’s going into my google reader as I type).

    Hopefully we’ll see each other again soon!

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