21 down… 4 to go! Scene Challenge Update

I’m so close to being done I can practicallyvtaste it! Get it? HA! Only a year behind my original deadline. Funny how life gets in the way, huh?

19. Slyman’s Deli (Downtown)
I went with:
Price:  About $25
What we had: Chris had their famous corned beef sandwich, I had a turkey Reuben and fries.
Food:  The food was delicious. Chris was especially in love with his corned beef. He even cleaned his plate.
Service was quick and we must have picked just the right time to go because we didn’t have to wait for a table!
Summary: I wish this place had hours that allowed it to be easier for me to get to. They are only open for breakfast and lunch during the week and are closed on the weekend. I had to go on a day I was heading down to Columbus for work in the afternoon. I picked up Chris from work to grab lunch. Otherwise, delicious!



20. Li Wah (Downtown)
I went with:
About half the cast of Ragtime (seriously there was about 25 of us after a show)
Price:  $27 (but Hannah split the cost of the Hurricane with me so really it was a little less than that)
What we had: There is no way I can name what everybody had for this one so I’ll just say that I had the General Tso’s Chicken and split the Hurricane with Hannah
Food:  You know it’s going to be a good night when you drink comes to the table on fire! It probably would have been smart of me to try it before I spooned the shot in the middle into the drink. It was PRETTY STRONG!  The General Tso’s chicken was pretty standard. A little spicier than most but generally very good.
Service was so-so. Granted, we had A LOT of people to take care of. Only thing that rubbed me the wrong way was the fact that they didn’t tell us gratuity was included and it wasn’t easy to tell on the hand-written check. Very sneaky, Li Wah!
Summary: Great restaurant. I’ve been there before and normally get the bubble tea. YUM!


21. Lolita (Tremont)
I went with:
Price:  Total was $65. I had a $25 gift certificate from Christmas so we paid $40.
What we had: Chris had 2 beers and I had a glass of wine. We started with the Duck Meatballs. For a main course, I had the Soppressata pizza and Chris had the Buccatini pasta.
Food: Michael Symon knows what he’s doing! The Duck Meatballs were juicy and delicious with the perfect tomato sauce.  My pizza was spicy and satisfying and Chris’s pasta was completely delicious. 
Service was very good. They are great about keeping water filled and, while it took a while for our entrees to come out, it didn’t feel like we were waiting too long.
Summary:  Always a good choice. If you are adventurous with food, you can order pretty much anything and be happy.  You might not know what it means when you order it off the menu, but you are guaranteed that it will taste good.


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