Sightseeing in SLC

Hello, from Salt Lake City!  Embrace CEO Laura Bennett and I arrived VERY late Wednesday night.  When I woke up in my hotel room Thursday morning, I got my first view of the mountains around Salt Lake (and the AC unit on the roof outside my hotel room).  We did a few quick drop ins at vet offices in the area and then had a rehearsal for a top secret flash mob that happened this morning at breakfast (more on that later).

After rehearsal we went to lunch at The Robin’s Nest. What a find! This restaurant was voted Best Vegetarian sandwich in Utah and, on that promise, they deliver.  Laura went vegetarian and I, the consummate carnivore, had a sandwich with turkey, bacon, melted provolone, tomato, lettuce, ranch and avocado. DELICIOUS.

The sandwiches gave us just the energy we needed for the trip ahead.  You see, since we did the drop ins that morning, we had a rental car just for the day.  With the conference coming up and, with it, a lot of time spent in our hotel, we decided to take advantage and see the site this city was named after- The Great Salt Lake.

We picked a spot off the map called Antelope Island State Park.  Antelope Island is an island in the lake that is connected to the mainland by a long road that must have been built up long ago to provide access.  The drive took an hour but it was totally worth it.  There were bison and buffalo roaming the island (thankfully not too close to our rented Fiat!), a working ranch that had been on the island since the mid-1800’s, look-out points and a beach.

We stopped by the ranch first – learning a little of it’s history, checking out the horses and seeing the old outbuilding set-up as they would have been 100 years ago.  I even roped a steer saw-horse with a head on it on my second try! Now, I know how The Pioneer Woman must feel!!

After our very quick tour of the ranch, we took some photos and put our feet in the lake. While I’m glad to say I did it, it was not an experience I need again.  We disturbed a colony of flies (video below) and, when we got it out, our legs left like we had submerged them in a chalk residue from all the salt left behind.

Here’s some photos of the fabulous views, bison and salt lake wading…

And, of course, I can’t forget the fly video:


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