Blogger Yoga at Nishkama

In the last 10 months, yoga has become my workout of choice.  When I started at Embrace, I learned that they had a fabulous wellness program including weekly yoga classes at the office. SCORE! Even better was the fact that Embrace covered half the cost so a 4 week session was only $14.  I was all over this and have been practicing regularly since July.

Yoga is the perfect workout for me.  A combination of strength, flexibility and balance work, I always feel accomplished and exhausted after a session. I’ve gotten pretty good adequate at the poses and am starting to gain the strength in my upper body (something I have struggled with my whole life) to do some of the more complicated poses. Our in-office instructor, Jessica, is fabulous at giving us the time and attention when it comes to trying new things but not pushing us to hard.

Last month, I finally got to take advantage of one of the free workshops at Nishkama Yoga in Independence after hearing about it from Alicia of Poise in Parma.  Alicia is Nishkama’s Director of Operations and a yogi herself.  The free workshop was an opportunity for new Nishkama instructors to practice teaching classes before they hit the big time and I, for one, am happy to be a yoga test dummy!  The experience was great and, thought it was a fairly basic class, I walked out sweating.

So when Alicia invited me to a a blogger exclusive yoga session at Nishkama’s new location in North Olmsted, I jumped at the opportunity! When I walked in this afternoon, I was thrilled to see some of my favorite CLE bloggers would be joining me in the class.  The yoga skill level was all over the map – from those who had never done yoga before to Becca of Peace, Love and Bagels – a yoga instructor in training. I didn’t know quite what to expect from the class but I was ready for anything.

Our instructor, Ylonda, the Co-Owner & Director of NYNO, was fabulous.  She started off slow for the newbies but got us moving, working through a flow and holding poses for just long enough to make us squirm! It is so nice to take a class and know what I’m doing but still feel challenged by the change in routine that comes from a new instructor. By the time we hit back bents at the end of class, I was a sweaty mess.  My favorite little surprise was actually shavasana.  Ylonda played this fabulous string music. It was beautiful and relaxing and a total departure from what I’ve become used to.

After class we indulged in a few healthy snacks and took the opportunity to catch up.  I’ve been busy with Ragtime and missed the last blogger meet up so it was fabulous reconnecting with these fabulous ladies (and gentleman, Brandon!). Thanks so much to Alicia for inviting me, to Ylonda for an awesome class and the CLE blogging community for coming out!

Interested in trying a class at Nishkama?  The grand opening of their North Olmsted studio (located at 24765 Lorain Road) is May 5th and they’ll be having free classes all day.  Click here to sign up!


5 thoughts on “Blogger Yoga at Nishkama

  1. poiseinparma says:

    I was so excited you could join us this afternoon! Thanks for the yogi love – can’t wait to spend more time with you soon!

  2. Lindsay says:

    I am so out of touch, I had no idea you were practicing yoga! Isn’t it the best?’

  3. smittenincle says:

    Great post. I just started yoga and it has quickly become my workout of choice too. It was great to see you yesterday! (can I steal all your yoga clothes? You’re too cute)

  4. smittenincle says:

    It was great to see you yesterday! I always wish we had more time to chat. Great post.

  5. It was a great class! Nice catching up with you!

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