IBL 2012 According to my iPhone

Well, we survived another year at the Indian Bear Lodge.  This year we were a newer and smaller lodge in the IBL community, the Little Rock Lodge. This lodge was set up for partying.  Bedrooms on one side and party room on the other.  The party room had a bar, pool table, big screen tv and room to play cornhole inside.

This wasn’t the nicest year at the lodge. It was kinda cold and Friday night we saw a tornado in the distance, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t find ways to have fun!  Sadly, after popping out an adorable little girl, Dr. Lisa wasn’t there to take 500 photos this year.  I got a few ridiculous pics on my iPhone.  Here’s my weekend according to my iPhone starting with night 1…

(From left to right & top to bottom)

1. Mini shuffle board is surprisingly awesome.
2. Friday night perogies for 20 + people.
3. Lovely Hostess Candice making sangria
4. What’s the max on the hot tub?  Who knows! It was practically empty the next morning.
5. Party Room!
6.  Tornado in the distance.  Never seen one of those in real life before this weekend!

Day 2 (Starting at top left and going clockwise around)

1. After a rousing round of Sink the Biz, Chris decided he could not allow the beer in the bucket
go to waste. So he drank the bucket…
2. Casey is totally sober in this picture…. TOTALLY sober…
3. Glad we brought the beer bong even if Candice was the only one to use it!
4. Chris with his birthday cupcake.
5. Beautiful birthday cupcakes from Rachel for Chris, Trish, Erin and Jenny.

Thanks to the awesome group that made this year just as memorable as the previous 3!  Now back to my regularly scheduled life…


2 thoughts on “IBL 2012 According to my iPhone

  1. I love this idea! An annual bash at a cabin with a hot tub sounds like a perfect tradition! And sometimes, LESS photos are better…ha ha

  2. Candice says:

    Thank you for posting these pictures! Can you send the originals to me?

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