Back in Action

Sorry for disappearing on you there, reader. After a busy weekend, I finally couldn’t hold back the cold anymore, the shifting weather patterns brought on sinus problems and then I just started feeling bad for myself.  Honestly, I thought about blogging when I was feeling down but I don’t want this blog to be about me feeling sorry for myself.  This is a fun place!  So let’s do a quick recap of what you missed this weekend…

When I left off, I was popping Wal-born (Airborne’s cheaper 1/2 cousin) like it was going out of style in hopes of getting rid of the looming cold so I could enjoy my busy weekend.  Amazingly, I spent 5 days with a sore throat that never progressed into a full on cold.  So, Saturday morning in a snow storm, I headed to Tremont for the Secondhand Mutts barkfeast.  The event was a success and it was great seeing people come in out of the cold to support such a wonderful cause.  The heartworm positive dogs that the event benefits stopped by and I got this picture of Blueberry, the sweetest little Doberman you ever did see…

After that I went directly to Trinity Cathedral to help set up for the Near West Theatre benefit.  It was a very strange feeling being there but not as a member of the staff.  I put coat check tags on hangers, a job I would normally pass off to a volunteer, because, well, I was the volunteer!  Soon I found my groove and was happy to help wherever I was needed.  By 3:30, I was in need of a shower and a rush job getting ready for the event.  When I got home I spent every spare moment prepping and primping and then Chris and I headed to the newly opened Spice Kitchen + Bar (the location of the benefit after-party) to catch the limo bus back toTrinity.  The event was a blast and I was in the perfect position to help when they needed me and relax with a glass of wine when they didn’t.  Lots of my favorite people were there- my parents, NWT friends, blog friends (including my giveaway winner, Jen from WhyCLE?), even old friends like Cool Cleveland reporter & former coworker, Julie Cajigas.  I stole a couple of Julie’s pictures and grabbed some of my own for this little collage of the night…

  Clockwise from top right:w/Jen from WhyCLE? and her fiance Matthew, Amanda from Clue into Cleveland and her husband Scott, & Chris;  w/my parents; w/NWT friend Joe Kenderes; w/Christine Neidhardt and NWT Exec Director Stephanie Morrison-Hrbek, w/Chris, NWT performer Theresa Pedone & her dog, Dexter; with my old staff – Carole, Sue & Lindsay

I had WAY too much fun at this event.  No, really, I had too much fun.  The kinda fun that keeps you in bed until 5pm on Sunday and almost makes you miss your concert.  But fear not, I made it out of bed in just enough time to shower, eat and get dressed to head down to the House of Blues.

I’m one of those people who really needs to love a band to see them in concert.  For that reason, I often avoid showing up for the opening acts.  Sunday it was a combination of that and feeling like there was no way I would be able to stand through 2 opening acts and Jack’s Mannequin after the day I had.  It was a good choice and we had perfect timing- arriving as the crew was setting up for the main event.  The concert was awesome and I can’t thank Chris enough for the tickets!  I only took one picture and it’s not very good, but here it is:

After Sunday, things went downhill.  All the fun gave the cold germs the perfect opportunity to take over and I have spent the week using up our supply of tissues and trying to figure out where the symptoms of my cold end and my allergies begin.  Yesterday, in a moment of weakness, I felt really miserable for myself.  I let all those little problems overwhelm me and I almost wrote a big long post about it.  Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t, because those little doubts and fears aren’t who I am.  So, that was my week away.  I promise I’m back to my regularly scheduling blogging  (whether you like it or not!).


2 thoughts on “Back in Action

  1. It was great seeing you at the Near West Theatre benefit! It was a really fun night!

  2. Glad you are finally feeling better – being sick sucks! Looks like you were a trouper and managed to have a lot of fun.

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