Who would I be?

I was a baby of the 80’s, a child in the 90’s and came into adulthood in the new millennium. I was in my Social Justice class during my senior year of high school when I heard about the attacks of 9/11. Lived in NYC during the subway bombings in London and in a row house in Philly, PA when the massacre at Virginia Tech happened. I was married on the verge of 25 in the summer of 2009. Where I go from here, no one knows. That’s my life.

Dad- 1972

I saw Hair for the first time tonight. Along with the inspiring music and understated though touching storyline, it made me think- about who I would be…if I had been born in another time.  Would I have been a hippie in the 60’s? A Rosie the Riveter or in the 40’s?  A flapper in the 20’s?  Would I have gone against the grain or stuck with it?

Both of my parents were “hippies.”  My mom went to the protest in DC that has featured in Forrest Gump and only missed the Kent State shooting because she couldn’t get a ride that day.  My dad loved Hendrix, The Who and The Doors.  He wore a wig to school every day because he wasn’t allowed to have hair past his collar and once told me there wasn’t any drug I could do that he hadn’t tried. I wish I could have known them then or that I could simply get the chance to be a fly on the wall during those major character changing, life altering times.

Grandpa Jim

Both my grandfathers went to war and my grandmother went to college (the first woman in her family, I believe).  So, who would I have been if I had been born in those times?  I’m liberal but I’ve never been one to push the boundaries.  Heck, I think my friends who are vegans must be crazy.  I like to think I would have been a part of major events and gone against the grain even when it wasn’t popular.  Sadly, we can’t know our legacy until the time to make these decisions are done.  Not until we answer the questions of our children or grandchildren about where we were when or what we were like when we were young. Personally, it makes me want to live each day to the fullest and be aware of what the decisions I make now could mean for the future.

So, do you ever wonder who you would have been? Do you think about what the stories of our generation will be?


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