Henry the Entlebucher???

You may be asking yourself “what is an Entlebucher” and “What does that have to do with Henry?” Good questions, reader! I’ll start out by saying that it all started with this photo that I took at my office last week…

So, here’s some background for those who don’t know Henry’s story. In December of 2008, he was brought into Gateway Animal Clinic with a broken leg. It’s not clear if the people who brought him in owned him or if he was a stray, but they couldn’t pay for his care and the staff convinced them to surrender him. Henry spent the holidays recovering and was admitted into the Secondhand Mutts adoption program. I found him on petfinder.com and Chris and I spent the next 2 weeks debating if we could handle a dog. Finally, I just caved and emailed Secondhand Mutts to see if we could foster to adopt. We brought Henry home on January 29, 2009 and officially adopted him on February 9th. Here’s a picture from his first night at our house…

Basically, all that back story was to make it clear that Henry is a mutt whom we rescued at 7 months of age. We have no idea where he was before that (which kills me a little inside), we don’t know who his parents were and we have no papers for him. He’s not a purebred dog. That being said, we’ve always assumed that he was part Beagle. He was listed on the Secondhand Mutts site as a Beagle mix and he has the general look of a Beagle- size, head shape, ears (although they are a bit small), etc.

It’s always been Henry J. Puppypants the Beagle mix. Whatever that mix is, we can’t know for sure. However, that doesn’t mean we (and everyone around us) don’t like to speculate. I’ve heard that he’s probably mixed with a larger hound because he’s taller than a normal Beagle. We’ve heard that he might be mixed with Pit Bull because he’s got ridiculously strong jaws. You name it, we’ve debated it. Henry’s coloring is not typical for a Beagle. While he is tri-color, I’ve never seen a purebred Beagle that’s mostly black like Henry. Frankly, I have never seen another dog in person that looks anything like my Henry.

As we got to know more about breeds of dogs, we noticed how similar Henry’s coloring was to the Swiss and Bernese Mountian Dogs. My sister was even able to capture the similarity in a photograph. It just so happened that one weekend when she was watching Henry for us, her boyfriend and his roommate were dog sitting a friend’s Bernese Mountain Dog, Autumn. Check it out:

While Autumn is SIGNIFICANTLY larger, the similarity is uncanny. As I’ve debated what Henry could be mixed with, I’ve often shown people this photo on my phone. Occasionally, I’ve even been asked which one is Henry! When I started working at Embrace we would joke that Henry was a Bernese Mountain Beagle. This brings me back (did you ever thing we’d get here?!) to that photo of Henry at my office last week…

I posted the picture on the Embrace Pet Insurance Facebook page with a quip about how he loves to hoard toys and enjoyed the flood of comments about how cute my dog is (I’m a very vain proud pet parent). As I was perusing, I noticed a comment that gave me pause. It said, “Is he an Entlebucher?? I have a Swissy and its always exciting to see any of the Sennenhund breeds!” I had heard of the Sennenhunds- they are the family of dogs that the Swiss and Bernese Mountain Dogs belonged to. But what in the world was an Entlebucher???

God bless Google because I had my answer in moments. The Entlebucher is the smallest and rarest of the Sennenhunds. They have a tri-color smooth coat and symmetrical markings. These facts were interesting but what stopped me in my tracks where the first images I saw…

While not an identical match (the Entlebucher is a bit bigger and thicker), I had never seen a dog that was so close to both Henry’s size AND coloring. So I took the bait and went to Google images. There I saw a photo that was the spitting image of Henry. So close that I absolutely have to do a side by side comparison:

So, what do you think? Could it be a match? This is the closest that I’ve ever seen and, trust me, I’ve looked. We will never know what Henry is for sure. And before you suggest one of those genetic tests you send away to find out your dog’s breed, let me say that they are both expensive and, from what I’ve heard, extremely inaccurate. (However, if someone out there reading this would like me to test their genetic testing product and prove my preconceived notions wrong, I’m happy to do so!) So, what do you think? Do you have other theories about what could have created the adorable boy known as Henry J. Puppypants or…


6 thoughts on “Henry the Entlebucher???

  1. L. says:

    I am 100% in support of the logic that he looks like an entlebucher. Devil’s Advocate comment: how in world did any other dog mate with a stray entlebucher? I’ve never seen one–so what are the odds??

    well, I guess henry is 1 in 1 million. 😉

  2. Pup Fan says:

    I can so see Entlebucher – the resemblance in that last photo is pretty uncanny.

  3. Rosana Zenil says:

    I loved Henry’s story. I must tell you that I have a mutt that is very similar to Henry her name is Pasta. I’m also debating all the time about her origin and my boyfriend and I arrived to the conclusion she could be an Entlebucher. It is funny because she is also smaller and narrower than a real one but the simmilarities are striking. Maybe Henry and Pasta are related! About the Genetics test, it would be really accurate if your dog is very close to pure breeds and the standard breads, otherwise there is a lot of variability. I could send you a pic of Pasta so you can see how similar they are!!!

  4. Steve says:


    I think there may be more of these around than we realize. We have one too. His name is Gator. He was “free” at the pet store (I guess someone returned him because he was acting too much like a puppy — which is what he was). We were told he was a beagle/chocolate lab mix, and believed it until I picked up the paper today and saw a picture of an Entelbucher. The markings were exactly the same, but the Entelbucher’s face was a bit broader. Anyway, we love him — he is very lazy and eats way too much (he steals the cat food every day), but he has the nicest disposition, and is everybody’s friend.

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