DVR Revolution

Do you have a DVR?  I do.  I love it.  It has completely changed the way I watch TV.  I’m so spoiled!

We’ve had a DVR ever since Chris and I moved in together at the beginning of 2008, however, I’ve never really thought about the impact it had on my life.  It seems like almost every electronic device that comes out makes a huge impact on our lives and the changes come more and more quickly (ie. I am totally attached to my iphone).

How has the DVR changed our lives?  Well, there’s definitely increased flexibility.  I love The Colbert Report but there are a lotta nights that I just can’t stay up to watch it. Not a problem with DVR.  There’s also Grey’s Anatomy and The Office, 2 of my favorite shows on at the same time on Thursday nights.  Thanks to DVR, I watch both at my convenience.

DVR doesn’t just solve programming problems.  It allows me to avoid commercials.  I don’t have to hear about the newest stupid “as seen on tv” products, hear about what brown can do for me or listen to politicians bash one another through campaign season.  YAY!

There are some disadvantages, however.  I rarely know what movies are in theaters and occasionally miss out on the start of the “cool new show” (I came into Modern family about 8 episodes in after seeing it at my parents… on their DVR).  If you’ve got any movie or tv show suggestions, comment on this post because I may not know about them.

In the end I spend a lot less of my time watching tv thanks to the DVR and that’s a good thing.  I don’t have to worry about being home in time to see my favorite show and I always have something to watch so I don’t waste time channel surfing.  The rare occasions where I do find myself channel surfing are often when I waste the most time in the moment and in the long term because I usually find a new show to add to my dvr schedule.  Today, that show was It’s a Brad Brad World.  Damn you, Bravo.  I could watch your crap reality shows for hours on end.  Luckily, thanks to my DVR, I can avoid that all together (most of the time).

Does it sound like I’m doing a commercial for the DVR?  I kinda feel like I am but really I just love this technology.  Do you love your DVR?  Your TiVo?  Have you gotten rid of these technologies and decided to go with Hulu or Netflix?  Maybe you don’t have a tv at all? Tell me what has you sitting in front of the “boob tube” for hours. 🙂


2 thoughts on “DVR Revolution

  1. Mary Jo Domanski says:

    “Breaking Bad” on AMC. Intelligently written, superb acting from a cast who aside from Giancarlo Esposito were virtual nobodies when the show debuted, edge of your seat suspense, and BOB ODENKIRK!

  2. sunshine mars says:

    I love my DVR; I don’t know what I’d do without it honestly. I have to say I am a reality TV junkie and my favorite show at the moment is Jersey Shore! I just find this show so hilarious. However I am usually never home when it’s on, I’m too busy working late at DISH. So I always am DVR’ing something. Recently DISH introduced the Hopper and it has the biggest DVR recording space available. This means, I don’t have to delete recordings anymore to make room and you have DVR functions in EVERY room of your home. This DVR has got to be the best out there and when it becomes available, I can’t wait.

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