New Year, New Look

…not for me (I wish), but for my blog.  I loved my old design but the pink polka dots were getting kinda old (or I was getting too old for them, depending on how you look at it).

The new look is a little more lean, clean and simple.  I like it.  I hope you do to.  I also added a new “blog love” page filled with all my favorite blogs to follow.  If you’re reading this on your RSS feed, I hope you’ll hop over and take a look.

…while your waiting for some new content, check out this puppy picture of Henry I recently found on my sister’s computer.  It’s from April of 2009, when he was 10 months old.  🙂  Love this pup.

P.S.  Have you entered to win my Near West Theatre Benefit ticket giveaway?  If not, get all the info from my guest post at Clue into Cleveland.


3 thoughts on “New Year, New Look

  1. LOVE the new look though I thought the polka dots were adorable too! That baby pic of Henry is the cutest – he looks SO happy. And sweet. And kinda ornery. And huggable.

    THANK YOU so much for including me in your blog love list!!!! I really appreciate the shout out. xoxo

  2. The new design looks great…all these blog redesigns are making me want to do one, too!

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