Beerlympics 2.012

I’m a little late on the New Year’s posts.  Your probably sick of reading them.  Sorry about that but I’ll try to be quick and plentiful in photos.

Our trip to DC this year was just as memorable as ever.  As soon as we hit the beltway, it was time to party.  We spent the first night out in DC at Redline in Chinatown.  There was drinking, dancing and a game I am terrible at— the metro balance. On the way home, at 2am, we had the car all to ourselves. Hilarity ensued.

Night 2 was all about the toga beerlympics.  We went all out.  Fabric store for togas, Michael’s for greenery and wire to make laurel wreathes, the grocery store for champagne and more. We looked pretty classy.  Here is the final product…

Well yes, that is a bucket full of champagne. That’s how we roll.

As usual, things got weird…

Yup.  My friends are the best.  The actual beerlympics started late and deteriorated quickly this year but it was still a great time. We spent New Year’s day watching the Browns lose to the Steelers and eating pork and sauerkraut cooked by the fabulous Mrs. LP.  The next day we headed home into a snow storm, another new year’s eve in the books.

As for resolutions, I failed at my 2011 resolution.  I started out sending cards like it was my job.  Then I started running out of occasion appropriate cards and things just went down hill from there.

As for 2012, I have a few hopes and dreams.

  1. Finish the Scene restaurant challenge (8 to go!).
  2. Grow my blog.
  3. Keep on rockin’ my CLE love.

Stay classy in 2012, friends.  If all goes as planned, we’ll welcome 2013 in DC as well.  We call dibs on the guest room, Linds!


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