I was going to write a post tonight about our New Year’s Eve and 2012 resolutions but instead I spent it swearing at my computer.  After Chris got the newest iphone operating system,  iOS5 , I just had to have it.  After a fail last night thanks to starting late and lack of memory on my 6 year old computer, I got to work this evening moving my excessive number of photos to cds so I would have the room to backup my phone.

To my disappointment, I sent most of the evening looking at a screen like this after each attempt at making the update (minus the excessive amout of Black Sabbath)…

Thanks to the wonderful world of user forums, I was able to fix the problem (after 2 hours and some pulled out hair) and my phone is back in working order with the new operating system.  Planning for the new year’s post tomorrow and a very special guest post giveaway on Thursday.

Stay tuned!


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