16 down! 9 to go… Scene Challenge Update

As I mentioned in my previous post, I may have failed at completing my Scene challenge in 6-months, but I would not accept defeat!  So, now I’m back to dining and have completed restaurants #15 and 16.  Here’s the rundown…

15. Amp 150 (Cleveland @ the Airport Marriot)
I went with:
Crystal from Eat Drink Cleveland
Price:  My meal was $44 with tip.
What we had: What didn’t we have? Crystal and I went crazy on this menu because honestly, we couldn’t choose!  I had the winter cosmo, chicken soup, chopped salad and shrimp & grits. Crystal had a beer cocktail (can’t remember the name…), beet salad and pan seared walu.  We both had the milk chocolate pana cotta for dessert.
Food:  This was probably one of the best Scene challenge meals I have had.  It ranks up there with the food at Fahrenheit and Dante.  My cosmo was PERFECTION, the soup was spicy (jalapenos!) but delicious and the salad and shrimp & grits were incredible.  Crystal loved her meal is well and should be blogging about it at Eat Drink Cleveland soon.  As amazing as the meal was, the dessert was just as spectacular.  I could eat that pana cotta every day. There is something about the taste of malted hazelnut and salted caramel that combine for melt in your mouth perfection. Are you drooling yet? You should be.
Our service was great.  I server was attentive without being annoying and dessert was served by Executive Chef Jeff Jarrett himself!  We were never left waiting for anything!
Summary: This was an all around amazing experience.  You wouldn’t expect such a gem to be located in a hotel by the airport.  To make things even better, Crystal discovered that when you check in at Amp 150 on Foursquare for the first time you get 5% off your meal (AND for each additional time up to 25%!).  We got 5% off, an amazing meal and motivation to come back.  What more could you ask for?


16. Sergio’s in University Circle
I went with:
My handsome husband
Price:  Our meal was $71 + tip.  We had a $50 gift certificate that I got from my in-laws for my birthday & a $10 off coupon from my coworker, Lea’s Cleveland Independents card deck
What we had: Chris had a beer and I had a very tasty glass of Riesling.  For dinner, I had the Linda O’s Salad and Pollo Romano.  Chris had the Trevisano Salad and the Halibut Al Forno
Food:  My salad was amazing.  It was like breakfast and a salad got together and had a baby. The combo of baby spinach, smoked bacon, a fried egg and sweet and sour dressing  made me want to lick the plate when everything was gone.  Chris’s salad and meal were equally appetizing.  A nicely dressed salad and a perfectly cooked piece of halibut had him smiling.  Sadly, my meal went south with the main course.  The HUGE piece of breaded chicken tasted like something you could get from a chain restaurant and the pasta was so garlicky that I was tasting it all night (and not in the good way!). 
The service was prompt but our waiter wasn’t very personable.  Beyond asking us “how we were doing this evening,” he really only spoke when he had to.
Summary: I’ve heard good things about Sergio’s and overall I was a little disappointed with my meal.  I might be willing to give it another try.  Hopefully, next time the chef isn’t so heavy handed with the garlic.


So, we’re down to the last 9 restaurants.  If you see someplace you’d like to go on this list,  drop me a comment and we’ll plan a (totally platonic) date. 🙂


5 thoughts on “16 down! 9 to go… Scene Challenge Update

  1. Cooker Girl says:

    We should meet up with a few other bloggers and go to Li Wah. Dim sum is more fun with more people to try a ton of dishes. I have dim sum on my 30 before 30 list so you can count me in!

  2. I agree with your impressions of both AMP 150 and Sergio’s. Love AMP 150! Last time we were at Sergio’s (around last Christmas), it was just “eh” for me.

    And I want in on the dim sum!

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