Life According to My Iphone 3.0

The holidays are always busy and this year is no different.  I attended 3 parties yesterday!  It was crazy. Awesome, but crazy. I would not have made it through to 2am if it weren’t for the nap I took between party #1 and party #2.  I really really love naps.  So here’s a quick glimpse at life through my iphone!

On December 1st I made this recipe for Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork from My Retro Kitchen.  I was a little nervous because I’m not much of a cook but with a little love and some support from Facebook friends, it turned out really well.  It was delicious and it provided quick easy meals for days! Here’s my pulled pork sandwich with a side of Dr. Pepper!

The same day I made the pulled pork, Chris and I attended the wrap-up party for Movember.  If you haven’t heard about it, Movember is a month of men growing mustaches in an effort to promote awareness and fundraising for prostate and testicular cancer.  My friends Andy and Casey were part of the Cleveland Mo Bros.  Their upper lip art and that of their team helped raise over $13,000!  The wrap up party happened at The Blind Pig and there was a lot of creepin’ going on. I shot this pic of the guys in all their mustache glory…

A week later, I got back to what I really know and love- eating out.  Crystal from Eat Drink Cleveland and I tackled one of my Scene list restaurants, Amp 150.  It was AMAZING and I will have a full report this week.  Here we are completely stuffed…

We took in a new foster dog this week.  His name is Mr. Bo Jangles.  He’s the sweetest most laid back foster dog we have ever had. More on him in my usual foster report coming soon!

The first of yesterday’s 3 parties was an ornament exchange. It was the perfect afternoon get together with lots of great food, mimosas and a fun white elephant exchange. There was even the added bonus of ugly holiday sweaters.  I rocked an amazing Looney Tunes Christmas vest that my mom bought new about 15 years ago.  Sadly, the only picture I got was of Poe in his Christmas sweater, but it’s a cute one…

We ended yesterday at Russ and Summer’s house for a big tee party in honor of Russ & Lardi’s birthdays.  We got there late as we were coming from Chris’s company Christmas party so things were already in full swing.  I have never seen so many oversized t-shirts in one place.  It was fantastic.  Russ decided that the big tee just wasn’t enough…

I think that sums up life lately.  I’m going to go back to laying on the couch now… 🙂



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