Sax on the Beach

What comes to mind when I say— saxophone?  Maybe jazz music?  The 90’s Cleveland ska band, Sax-o-tromba?  Well, that one is probably just me…  You probably think of the saxophone solos in rockin’ 80’s music.  It seems like it might be accurate to say that the saxophone was the 80’s solo instrument of choice.  Want an awesome riff during the bridge of your song? SAXOPHONE! Need that little something extra to ensure a hit- SAXOPHONE.  It would seem that in the 80’s, the saxophone was to popular music what leg warmers and HUGE bangs were to your popularity in school.  I even found an excellent medley of 80’s sax solos…

Was that not awesome???!!!  I particularly enjoy the sax solo in “It’s still rock n’ roll to me.”  That is a rockin’ 80’s tune!

Well it would seem that after 20 years of being in the background and ska music- the sax is back! It would seem that the female babies of the 80’s are going back to their sax loving childhoods (that sounds kinda bad doesn’t it?). I noticed it first in Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory.”  (warning-I have no idea what’s up with the Justin Beiber and Johnny Depp photos in this video but it’s just the musical clip I was looking for…)

It sounded so 80’s I couldn’t even stand it.  I thought it was just a fluke.  Gaga’s often evoking the feeling of other artists (Madonna and Ace of Base come to mind immediately…).  Then I heard it again in “Friday Night” by Katie Perry.

Katie must have understod the insane level of 80’s throwback-ness because she set the video at an 80’s houseparty with KENNY G playing the solo!  How ridiculous is that?!  Last, but not least, I noticed the major role that the saxophone plays in Dev’s “In the Dark.”  (BTW- this is totally my new GPS.)

So, now that you’ve seen the evidence of the resurgance of the sax, what do you think?  Are you a fan?  Do you think this will inspire a new generation of Kenny Gs?  Will it be the new instrument that guys learn to play to get girls?  Or is the sax solo another passing fad?


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