Foster Dog #14- Baba Ganoush

From the moment I met him it seemed that I was fated to foster Baba Ganoush.  You  see, soon after I started working at Embrace, Kate fostered Baba’s brother, Neil.  I loved Neil.  He was so sweet, sensitive and handsome!  Kate had rescued Neil from the Ashtabula APL and soon after learned that, due to overcrowding, they were desperate to get Neil’s brother into a rescue.  Secondhand Mutts was there and took Baba into the program.

Just look at that face!!!  Baba’s rescue from Ashtabula was in July.  I met him soon after.  He was very timid and wouldn’t even take the treats that I offered.  After that he bounced around a bit from a few foster-to-adopt homes that didn’t work out to The Mutt Hutt to more foster homes.  In that time we learned that he’s a sensitive dog and doesn’t get along so well with cats.  I followed his story but, in the meantime, I was busy fostering Memphis and Patsy.

A few weeks ago, after Patsy had been adopted and we had a nice break (I love fostering but I also value one on one time with Henry too!), I asked Becca who was available for fostering.  The fates had aligned and it was finally my turn with Baba.

I picked him up last Wednesday and he was crazy ball of energy on the car ride home.  After a week, we have been through a lot- including some new home stress potty issues and a trip to the vet(fear not, all is well now!). Here’s what we know at this point—

Baba Ganoush Secondhand Mutts

Baba Ganoush is house trained, crate trained and knows some commands.  He will sit and wait while we put his food down and seems to get the concept of laying down although he does not do it on command with regularity.  He bonds VERY CLOSELY with one person.  In this case, that person is me.  He is very protective and would be an EXCELLENT guard dog.  He barks at anyone who comes in the house and occasionally at people if they leave and re-enter the room.  However, some of this is fear based and we are going to be working with a trainer to hopefully curb some of the fear he experiences when interacting with new people.

Baba gets along great with Henry.  They run around the back yard, fight over bones and sometimes just enjoy ignoring each other! Baba Ganoush would do well in a house with other dogs and though he could be a great family dog, I think he would be the perfect companion for a single woman.  Do you know anyone like that?  Do you want to prove me wrong?  Either way, get more information on Baba Ganoush at the Secondhand Mutts website!


3 thoughts on “Foster Dog #14- Baba Ganoush

  1. Lea Maxwell says:

    I had a foster like Baba once–fiercely protective, not so nice with strangers. As a matter of fact, a royal butthole when it came to the cable guy showing up. While good with me, I had to be uber careful about having anyone over–handymen, cable guy…dates–it’s a handful, so people need to be prepared for the juggling that comes with a dog like Baba.

    Having said all that, I give you big ups, Sara, for being willing to put your faith into this little guy. That’s what makes you a great foster mom!

  2. Mary Jo Domanski says:

    Glad to hear Baba is doing so well. We fostered him on and off since July in between his adoptive home tryouts. He always got along very well with our 2 dogs and we never had any housebreaking issues. He IS a total ball of energy and it was a challenge to get him to focus on his commands but he did get to the point where he would reliably sit for a treat. I absolutely agree with his tendency to bond with his person, it our house it was my husband and Baba would stick to him like glue. He is a big cuddler and a snuggler and I know that eventually he will find the perfect human to share all his love with. Thanks for fostering him…give him a good pet and tell him we miss him! MJ and Kip

  3. Sarah says:

    I had that same connection with Action Jackson and I feel like he picked me too! Baba’s picture is so cute and I’ve been hoping to meet him one day!

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