Halloween in Photos

Happy All Saints Day!

…you’re right… Happy All Saints Day just doesn’t have the same ring to it as Happy Halloween.  I hope you had a fabulous weekend of dressing up and acting ridiculous.  That’s what halloween is about, right?  Costumes, having too much of things we shouldn’t (whether that be booze or candy… or both) and celebrating ridiculousness. 

We spend Saturday night completely relishing the ridiculousness.  I won’t bore you with a lot of writing in this post.  I’ll focus on the photos.  First we headed to Kate’s house.  I must say, Chris and I knew our costumes were… bulky obnoxious bound to get in the way.  Chris had a cardboard golf club on his head and I was wearing wings.

You may be asking yourself… “Ummm, what in the world is Chris?”  Well, Chris is a driver. He started out as a sober driver.  Later, he was a drunk driver.  Get it?  Okay, good! I’m quite impressed with how this costume came together.

I love unique costumes.  At Kate’s I saw one of the best costumes ever. Why was it the best?  He brought his own booze IN HIS COSTUME. GENIUS! Check out Mr. Franzia… He gives a whole new meaning to playing Slap the Bag!!

After Kate’s, we were off to Candice and Gabe’s.  Candice and Gabe don’t like Halloween.  They hate it so much that when we got together to decorate for the party last weekend I discovered their MULTIPLE BOXES AND BAGS of decor and helped turn their dining room into Dexter’s kill room.  Yup, Dexter’s kill room.  Best. Idea. Ever.  We covered the room in plastic, put a body on the table and even took pictures of ourselves to be the killer’s victims.  Check it out.

And here are our hosts…

The Godfather (Gabriel):

and Marilyn Monroe (Candice):

If a severed head and a cleaver doesn’t make you feel welcome, I don’t know what will.  However, people must have felt comfortable because there were a lot of them- enjoying the Great Lakes beer, spiced cider and snacks.  Here are some pics of my friends and their costumes…

This next set of photos tells a drunken tale.  It goes something like this.  There once was a man we called the Captain.  He loved his crunchberries.  Then one day the Hamburglar, who was looking to branch out in her burglary,stole the crunchberries.  By the time the Captain got the berrier back he was so exhausted that he got sick in the box.  The Hamburglar just laughed.

Good story, right?  I thought so.  Later in the night things went downhill… in the best way possible.  The way that has Chris and I acting like idiots, bumping into things (and people) due to our costumes and stealing other people’s…

Overall, it was an awesome evening.  We’re already thinking about what we’ll be for Halloween next year (though I’m sure I’ll forget all these ideas in the next 364 days). I like to think that fun Halloween parties make up for the fact that my neighborhood is sadly lacking in trick-or-treaters (we had 15 this year).  Personally, I don’t mind lacking in trick-or-treaters to get a plethora of  awesome parties.  I think it works out in my favor.  BTW-  Candice- you didn’t really mean it when you said this was the last year you were having this party… right???? 🙂

P.S.  Did I mention Henry and I dressed up for work too?  Check out the pictures on Embrace’s Facebook page.


2 thoughts on “Halloween in Photos

  1. LOVE your costumes! And you are right, the Dexter room was BRILLIANT! I love Halloween too. Fun parties : )

  2. Those costumes are all awesome! The box wine is fantastic. See you at the JBB Happy Hour tonight!

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