Henry the Beagle Shark

Happy (almost) Halloween! If Henry didn’t hate me before, he hates me now…

…but it’s worth it because he’s SO CUTE.

Yup, I’m that pet owner.  Go ahead and judge!

Human Halloween costume photos to come!  Chris has a great idea for a homemade costume, we’ll see if it pans out. I am taking my sister’s prom dress and a friend’s wings and attempting to rock the Fairy look. Can’t wait for Saturday- our official Halloween Party-palooza!  🙂

P.S. – You might be wondering about the crate and the tarp in the background.  It’s been a rough week.  More about that in my post about Foster Dog #14 coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Henry the Beagle Shark

  1. CLEgal says:

    So cute! A friend of mine who has a black lab made her dog wear the shark costume last year…I love it. Our little pup has a pumpkin costume.

  2. Pup Fan says:

    Henry’s face is killing me!

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