Back to Blog–iversary

My fellow bloggers love to celebrate their blog-iversaries.  Who could blame them? It’s like an accomplishment… and it’s fun to look back on where you’ve been and how far you’ ve come.

Well tomorrow is my Back to Blog-iversary.  Why Back to Blog-iversary?

Well, I’ve done this whole blogging thing before- twice.  In college I started out with a Live Journal.  God, I wish I could find that thing.  If any of my old friends have a link to that stored away somewhere PLEASE share it.  I would love to look back and laugh at myself.  I remember years of thinly veiled posts about boys I liked, frustration with roomates, recaps of multi-hour conversations on AIM, the general ridiculousness of college and, ultimately, as with any late-teen/early 20-something girl,  frustration with boys I liked.  Seriously, I would pay someone to find that site for me. 

Need a visual on college Sara?  Here you go—

That picture of me, Chris and Amy is from September 2003– 3 YEARS before we started dating.  🙂

The second coming of my blogging obsession and the origination of Finding the Time was in July 2008 with my Blogger site.  At the time I still had no real direction for my blog.  I knew I liked writing but I had no sense of what a blog should (or could) be and no sense of what I liked in a blog.  I wrote about my life, occasionally complained about work and broke the news of my engagement then disappeared again in December as I got busy with wedding planning.

Finally in October of 2010, after Lindsay P. turned me on to some amazing blogs like Young House Love and Bower Power, I was once again inspired to write.  This time with more dedication and had a clearer vision of what I wanted to do.  This wasn’t just a place to vent or share personal crap but it was where I could document my favorite things, write about the insanity of trying to DIY our first house into something I could be proud of,  fun Cleveland events, the trials and triumphs of life with Henry and our foster dogs – a little bit of everything from my chaotic life. 

With a couple of quick update posts, I was back in business- but by December I remembered how frustrated Blogger made me (you can read my break-up note to Blogger here).  So, I took a leap of faith and transfered to WordPress…and here we are!

It seems to be the custom that on your blog-iversary that you take a look back on your favorite posts from the last year.  Now, that I’ve bored you with history here are some of my best and brightest…

If you are a fan of Friends, you’ll understand my titles.

The One with my First Baking Attempt – December 2010- I made my Grandma’s chocolate chip oatmeal cookies from scratch.  I don’t really bake so this was a big deal for me.

The One with Our First DIY Project– December 2010-  Chris and I built a mantle for our fireplace.  Okay… Chris built a mantle for our fireplace and I directed/documented.  SO excited to be able to hang stocking this year!!

The One with my first GPS– January 2011-  I love music so my first GPS (Guilty Pleasure Song) post was a big deal.  Sharing music is awesome!

The One with my First Guest Post– February 2011-  While I was busy working on Near West Theatre’s benefit,  Lindsay P. stepped in and kept things interesting by sharing her brownie recipe.  YUM! 🙂

The One that led to our Cali Vacation– March 2011-  I wrote a post about how frustrated I was trying to figure out where Chris and I should go for our anniversary. My friend, Beth, commented saying we should come visit her and the fam in Cali- so we did.  And then I blogged about it- here and here.

The One where I started my Scene Restaurant Challenge– March 2011- I still haven’t finished this challenge but that doesn’t mean I’m not proud of the idea!

The One with my First Non-Real Life Friend Comment– May 2011-  This was a post about the fact that I had substituted ice cream for dinner multiple times in one week.  Not the most compelling content BUT it was the first time that someone I didn’t know in real life- Alicia from Poise in Parma– commented on one of my posts.  Thanks to the fact that I attended my first OBA Meetup last month I now know Alicia in real life, but I didn’t at the time. It felt like a HUGE milestone. 🙂

The One with my First Giveaway– October 2011-  I was over the moon when Freshpet asked me to review their dog food and treats and even more stoked when they agreed to a giveaway.  Henry was pretty happy too.  BTW- there is ONE MORE WEEK TO ENTER!  I’m picking a winner on Halloween!

So, that’s my recap of my year in blogging.  Did I miss your favorite post?  What was it? Maybe one you were in (those are always my favorite too!).  Here’s to another year of blogging fun!!


4 thoughts on “Back to Blog–iversary

  1. I’m so honored to have been your first non-IRL friend to comment on your blog! And I was even more excited to meet you last month at the OBA event. I do love turning online friends into “real life” ones!

    You also have me wanting to search LiveJournal for my old college blog. You think PIP is ridiculous – that LJ had “hot mess” written all over it!

  2. CLEgal says:

    Happy blogiversary! I had a blog on MySpace back in grad school, then a personal blog on Blogger (agreed that WordPress is 100% better), then Why CLE? Guess some people are just meant to be bloggers 🙂

    It was great meeting you at the OBA meetup and picking up another fun blog to read. Here’s to many more great posts!

  3. Pup Fan says:

    Fun! I’m going to have to go back and check out these posts (love the Friends references, btw). 🙂 Happy blogiversary!

  4. I’m so glad you met Alicia and came to the OBA event because all that led to me meeting you too! Looking forward to many more events and getting to know each other via blogs and in real life!

    You confirmed that I will need to migrate to WordPress eventually… of course not even one full week after FINALLY getting my business cards!!! So for now, I guess I’ll suffer with Blogger…

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