Foster Dog #13- Patsy

LUCKY #13!!!!!

This is normally the post where I try to pimp my foster dogs to unsuspecting blog readers. NOT THIS TIME.

You see, Patsy, or lucky foster dog #13, spent a week in our house butt bumping Henry, licking the life out of us and generally counfounding us with her long basset body, tiny little legs and huge head.  She was a joy! No house training accident and no chewing casualties!  Be still my beating heart!

Then she shook her butt right into Candice and Gabe’s heart!  This girl knew a good thing when she saw it (and that good thing was Gabe’s lap).  One evening of puppy love (and Hot Tub Time Machine) and Patsy had her new family.  I am so excited to see her get a good home and even more thrilled with how totally in love Gabe and Candice (and their dog, Ralphie) are!  The family cats might not be super psyched about the new addition but, overall, this couldn’t be a better fit.

Check out Patsy (now Sophia) with her new family!

If only they could all be this easy!!!!


5 thoughts on “Foster Dog #13- Patsy

  1. She’s the most ridiculous dog I’ve ever seen, but that’s a huge part of her charm. We call her the Slinky. It doesn’t matter how you’re laying on the couch, she’ll just sort of fit in wherever she feels and she ends up looking like a melting clock in a Dali painting.

  2. Candice says:

    Her tongue is a lethal weapon. She strikes when you least expect it….although now I am learning to always expect it. Is there obedience school for face licking?

  3. Pup Fan says:

    That’s awesome! Yay for Patsy! 🙂

  4. […] Just look at that face!!!  Baba’s rescue from Ashtabula was in July.  I met him soon after.  He was very timid and wouldn’t even take the treats that I offered.  After that he bounced around a bit from a few foster-to-adopt homes that didn’t work out to The Mutt Hutt to more foster homes.  In that time we learned that he’s a sensitive dog and doesn’t get along so well with cats.  I followed his story but, in the meantime, I was busy fostering Memphis and Patsy. […]

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