Fresh to Death- Freshpet Giveaway!

I’M DOING A GIVEAWAY! IT’S MY FIRST ONE! Can you tell I’m excited?????

Today, Henry and I are reviewing Freshpet food and treats.

So, what’s the deal with the post title?  Well, just like DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore, Freshpet is “Fresh to Death.”  Still confused?  Maybe this video will help…

Get it now?  Good.  Let’s move on. 🙂

After my trip to Blogpaws, I got a few follow-up emails from vendors.  Most of them were standardized responses with my name pasted in.  Then I got an email from the guys at Freshpet.  They didn’t only use my name, they used Henry’s name.  They had my attention.  Then at the end of the email, the guy mentioned that he laughed at my (not so) white trash post and loved the wedding pic in my About Me section.  Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE…and on top of that, he wanted to send me Freshpet dog food and treats to review on my blog.  Sounds good to me!

About a week later, I was working from home in my PJs when the UPS truck pulled up outside my house.  I looked terrible so I went into hiding.  When the truck was gone, assuming it was a motorcycle part for Chris, I went back downstairs and got back to work.  Then I saw the size of the box on my patio.  I was intrigued… then I got closer and I saw the sticker.  My Freshpet stuff had arrived!

Just the box itself had me doing a little happy dance!  Then I opened it…

How cute is that picnic basket!?!?!  If presentation is everything, they were doing well!  When I opened the picnic basket I was amazed by the amount of stuff that was inside.  Freshpet food is meat based, contains no grains and is preservative free, so it needs to be kept cold.  The picnic basket was not just a picnic basket – it was a picnic cooler!  Check out what was inside…

Suddenly, Henry’s supper time couldn’t come soon enough!  While we waited, I gave Henry and his buddy, Armani, a few treats.  Henry’s not a picky beagle, so I had a feeling he would like the Dog Joy Real Chicken Treats.  No brainer.  He gobbled those right up.  I was a little more skeptical, however, about the Dog Joy Sweet Potato Treats.  Sweet potato… for dogs?  I gave Henry one and he took it away and started chewing.  Good start.  I then gave one to the MUCH MORE PICKY Armani.  To my shock and amazement, he like them too! The best part?  The Sweet Potato Treats are chewy so your dog isn’t immediately begging for more.  Both dogs chewed on the treats for a few minutes, which allowed me to get back to work before they were looking for any additional sustenance.  The only downside?  The dogs would chew at the treats for a while and then spit them out to get a different grip.  They would also sometimes lick them before starting to chew again.  The treats did leave a little bit of a orange film on the carpet.  My recommendation- a great treat to give on hardwood floors, in the kitchen or in your dog’s crate!

At dinner time, I broke out the knife and cut into Freshpet Select Chunky Chicken, Turkey, Vegetable & Rice Dinner.  It was easy to figure out how much to feed Henry because they put serving sizes for different dog sizes on the back and mark serving sizes so you just cut off the correct amount.  The first thing I noticed that was different?  I could actually SEE chunks of carrot and peas in the food…

Henry was a fan.  Not only that, he went back to lick his bowl MULTIPLE times after finishing.  He also enjoyed the Beef, Vegetable and Rice Recipe and the Freshpet Select Roasted Meal Real Chicken Recipe with Carrots and Spinach.  However, the real surprise came when Chris had to feed Armani.  Armani is weird about his food.  I was feeding him in the bathroom with the door closed.  He just wouldn’t eat any other way.  Late in the week, I wasn’t home and Chris had to feed Armani.  How did he do it?  Put some Freshpet on top of his regular food!  The Freshpet food got Armani interested enough to eat his whole meal without any questions asked.  Now that is the true endorsement here!

No doubt, Freshpet is truly “fresh to death” and was a success in my home. If you’re not convinced, you can also read reviews from some of the pet parents at the Embrace offices here.   Freshpet is widely available in my area- they sell it at both Giant Eagle and Pet Supplies Plus.  From what I found the regular sized rolls run about $5 with large rolls & bag food at $11.  When it comes to per portion, that’s quite a bit more than the dry food we generally feed him.  However, if you can afford it, I think fresh food is the best option for your pet.  I’ll definitely be thinking about supplementing Henry’s food with Freshpet, if not switching him all together at some point.  Oh and if you want some Freshpet Dog Joy Treat coupons I found some over at Coupon Hero.

Not into coupon clipping?  Do you prefer FREE?  Well, then you’re going to want to get in on my Freshpet Giveaway.  I’m excited to say, that in conjunction with Freshpet and the Embrace Pet Community Blog,  we’re giving away a picnic cooler of Freshpet food and treats just like the one pictured above!! If you have a dog, you want this prize.  If you don’t have a dog, I’m sure you know someone who has one and wants this prize!  So, here’s the dirty details…

To enter:

1.  You must like the Embrace Pet Insurance Facebook page AND the Freshpet Facebook page.
2. Then comment on this post telling me what you’d like to be fresher about your pet.  It can be anything, their food, their breath or- in Henry’s case- maybe you wish they wouldn’t roll around in the most disgusting smell they can find in your back yard.
3.  For 1 (one) extra entry, you can also comment about what you’d like to be fresher about your pet on the Embrace Blog Freshpet Review post.

The fine print:

One comment per person per blog (so that’s 2 total!).  Multiple comments on each blog will not be considered.  Comments submitted in the month of October will be considered for entry.  Winner will be contacted by Embrace Pet Insurance for prize fulfillment via sponsor.  Winner must live in the United States. Embrace staff & families not eligible to win.

I, Sara, your humble blogger, was contacted by Freshpet to review their products.  I was not compensated in any way for my opinions.  All opinions are mine (and Henry’s) alone.


20 thoughts on “Fresh to Death- Freshpet Giveaway!

  1. I’m lucky that Grady is a pretty clean dog. Major smells occur when he goes running around the backyard after a good rainstorm. Classic wet dog smell. BAH.

  2. Hi Sara. Mattie’s a house dog but we live in Florida and every time she goes out in the heat she comes in with the worst odor for 5 to 10 mins. Yuck. I’d love to change that.

    I liked the Embrace Pet Insurance Facebook page AND the Freshpet Facebook page as tracysuzanne.

    Thanks for letting me enter. Love the picnic basket and Mattie would love the food!
    Tracy 🙂

  3. Lindsay says:

    I wish Stonewall’s breath was fresh! Poor thing has terrible teeth… Nelly, however, is fresh to death (Pauly D style). That picnic basket is adorable. How fun to host a giveaway!!

  4. Michelle says:

    There is some spot in our backyard that Puck gets into every once in a while. He gets this weird, smelly odor around his neck and we’ve had to junk a collar because of it.

    We were looking at the Freshpet the other day so I think we will get some to supplement Puck’s food now and then too.

  5. Becca says:

    I wish Buck and Pele’s toenails would cut themselves…that would be pretty fresh!! They are not really smelly dogs, but now that it’s getting wetter and colder they are smelly and muddy every. single. time. they. come. inside. oh boy!

    i liked freshpet and embrace!!

  6. Heather says:

    We have a “guest” dog at our house and I would give her a fresh make over!!!

  7. Candice Venditti says:

    Ralphie has trouble eating hard food which means his teeth don’t get very clean. This is not the recipe for fresh breath! If only dogs could gargle mouthwash:)

  8. Great blog! I would like my doggies to have healthier tongues! I don’t like the idea of kibble, but due to financial difficulties, I had to feed it for a while. Even though I fed the top kibble, their tongue color changed to a darker red. I just started feeding Freshpet recently and after a couple weeks, their tongue looks pink now. So weird. I wish I could feed Vital, but I can’t afford it, so I am feeding the FreshPet Selects right now. (the roll).

  9. thepricklypinecone says:

    I would my girls breath to be fresher! The smell is just foul.

  10. Beth Brady says:

    Sometimes I want to freshen up my pup’s attitude, but really it’s her mouth that needs some freshening! Maybe a good teeth cleaning and a doggy mint :o)

    That picnic cooler full of goodies looks amazing! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  11. thelma says:

    My Bibi is very fresh. She needs a good fresh food to keep her doing her mischief !! Fresh food keeps you dog Fresherrrr !!! AHHHHHH =) We love FreshPet !!! Fresh just like your dog deserves !! =)

  12. Ann Pallotta Nagin says:

    Love your FreshPet post and pics, Sara… and the contest, too!

    My dog, Ama, is coming home to live with me after being on the west coast with her original owner, my daughter. I truly hope that Ama will have a fresh start back here in the 216. She will be arriving next week!

    Even tho’ I have another good brand dog food and treats ready and awaitin’ for her, I think I’ll give FreshPet a try! Thanks for introducing me!

  13. Jennie Mitchell says:

    Hi Sara, I love your blog and just discovered Freshpet’s facebook page today. I don’t know why I didn’t look for them sooner because Freshpet is the ONLY dog food my two old, lazy mutts eat.

    As I mentioned on the other blog, my beagle/lab mix named Stanley is terrified of water so he absolutely refuses to get near me if he suspects I am running water for a bath. So, not only is his fur kinda smelly, but his breath is absolutely foul. When we adopted the poor old guy most of his teeth were gone or worn down so badly that he can only eat soft foods. So we started feeding him Freshpet a few months ago and have never looked back.

    Now, if only Freshpet could put out a line of doggie mouthwash…

  14. I wish my little pooch had fresher BREATH! Eee gads – even with brushing it is terrible. How can someone so cute have a mouth like that??? Maybe some new fresher food would help!

  15. Amy says:

    I would love my crew to have fresher treats! And the foster doggies too!

  16. Joseph says:

    Have to saw I’d like Rhodie’s play toys to smell fresher. After all the slobber they smell less than fresh.

  17. […] The One with my First Giveaway- October 2011-  I was over the moon when Freshpet asked me to review their dog food and treats and even more stoked when they agreed to a giveaway.  Henry was pretty happy too.  BTW- there is ONE MORE WEEK TO ENTER!  I’m picking a winner on Halloween! […]

  18. […] may remember the post for my first product testing and giveaway of Freshpet dog food and treats. I was thrilled to be […]

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