(Not so) White Trash Tuesday

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you may remember a short-lived post series called White Trash Tuesday.  This segment died out because… well… it was mean and… I don’t like feeling like a mean person.  When I was making fun of myself it was fine, but I’m not gonna make fun of other people… well, at least, not people I don’t know.  It’s just not my style.

But back on topic… White Trash Tuesday started in March with a post about my white trash side patio.  It was falling away from the house.  It was a sad sight and there was a car jack in plain view for all the neighbors to see.

If I ever try to tell you I don’t care what people think- I’m lying.  I care.  This was embarrassing.  Unavoidable but embarrassing.  Sadly, insurance didn’t cover it.  They called it “settlement” and “bad design,” neither of which qualified us for anything more than some unsolicited advice from the Adjuster on how to fix it.

Months go by.  The jack spent a while there and then Chris did some work to raise the porch roof.  Most of the extra support that Chris built was fairly well hidden so I was… still feeling ghetto but less obvious about it.

It is now September, 6 full months later and… I AM PLEASED TO TELL YOU THE PORCH IS FIXED.  AND WE GOT A NEW ROOF!!!!! Hooray!  I cannot fully express my joy at the change the painted shutters & front door, un-jacked up side porch and new roof made in my house.  I feel practically fancy.

Chris did most of the work on the side porch and I am sad to say that I don’t have any “during pictures.”  However, I do have a few pictures from the roofing process…

I was nervous about getting a new roof.  It’s a big deal… a big EXPENSIVE deal.  Chris did the research and we found a family-run company we liked and whose bid came in lowest.  After that I got to pick the color.  Our old roof was light gray.  A light gray roof on top of our light gray house.  Yuck.

After I picked out a few colors, our roofers gave me some houses to stalk drive by that had those colors.  They said that the colors in the pamphlets weren’t always true to life.  They were right.  Some of the colors were very different but I ended up liking my first choice- CertainTeed’s Landmark Series “Pewter.”  I liked it because it was dark enough to contrast my light gray house but light enough that it wouldn’t soak up too much sun.

I scheduled the work for mid-August in early July.  Then I waited.  The day before I job was to start, I called the company to check in.  The certified bonded fancy-pants brother who had scheduled me was out of town and would not be there for my project AND they were behind due to the torrential rains. So, the project would not be finished in one day as I had been promised-it would take 2, max.  “…okay… no big deal.”  I said.  The next morning, the supply truck arrive and I was thrilled (or as thrilled as I can be at 7:30 in the morning)…

When our foreman arrived, there were more complications.  Although I had told them when I scheduled the job that we were not going to have them do the back and side porches- they had brought material for the WHOLE roof.  Luckily, we caught it before the truck left and they hauled the material away again.  They also informed me that the 2 layer tear off would happen that day and the new roof would go on “the next afternoon.”  I was a little flustered at this point.  It was a lot to be going wrong before anyone had even stepped a single foot on the roof.  My sister, the interior designer, calmed my fear telling me “this is typical for contractors.”  So, I went to work.  When I came home, my home had no roof- as expected.

You may notice the basketball hoop to the right of the house.  I had been wanting to see that thing come down since the minute we moved in.  It was glorious to see my garage line without it!

The second day, I worked from home so I could be there if they needed anything.  I worked the day away, Candice came over at lunch and when there were still no roofers at 2 p.m., I called the foreman.  They were coming, he said.  They were finishing a job in Akron and would be here within the hour.  “…okay…,” I said.  They finally arrived at 4:30 pm.    They left with things 2/3 done at 8:30 pm when it was both getting dark and starting to rain.  End of day 2.

Day 3 (of my 1-day roofing project).  They arrived bright and early.  So bright and early, in fact, that the sound of a load of shingles being dropped on the roof had me bolt upright in bed thinking we were under attack.  At that point, I was definitely awake so I headed into work early.  I’m pretty sure the roofers finished mid-day.  All I know was when I got home, the roof was done and looked amazing.  Contractors may be frustrating but if they do good work, you often are willing to forgive and forget.  I forgave and forgot on Tuesday when Dish Network came and reinstalled my satellite television.  🙂

Soooo… pictures…  First is our much less ghetto side porch…

Did I mention I painted our house numbers to match the shutters & front door?

So, are you ready for the before and afters…???  We’ll start with the listing photo from when we bought the house.

It’s kinda like one of those “can you spot the difference” photos.  There are at least 8.  Can you spot them? Comment on this post with your guesses.

P.S. I still want a new driveway but all good things come with time, right?


2 thoughts on “(Not so) White Trash Tuesday

  1. Candipants says:

    I am late for work but I still couldn’t help but waste 10 minutes reading this:)

  2. […] They had my attention.  Then at the end of the email, the guy mentioned that he laughed at my (not so) white trash post and loved the wedding pic in my About Me section.  Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE…and on […]

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