Henry’s Day at the Track

This weekend Henry and I accompanied Chris to BeaveRun Motosports Park for a race day.  It was quite the experience… mostly for Henry.  So, I thought I would let him tell the story…

Hey Guys! It’s me, Henry J Puppypants. Sara’s been writing way too much lately (4 posts in 3 days…seriously???) so I decided to step in and take the reigns on this one.

I went to the track this weekend.  I’ve been there before but this time was my favorite.  Let me tell you why…

  1. Ohio Turnpike toll booth workers ROCK!  They saw me in the car and gave me treats- both times.
  2. Motorcycle guys LOVE dogs.  Frankly,  I think they liked me better than Chris and Sara.  Everybody wanted to pet me and I even got to play with some of the other dogs.  For some reason they all think I’m a puppy, it must be my youthful good looks!
  3. Sara never takes me for runs.  She’s not a runner.  Which is fine, I guess. But when Chris crashed, we went for the best run.  I’ve never seen her move so fast!

    If Chris wanted his shirt ripped up, all he had to do was ask.  I could have taken care of that for him.  Anyway… I had a great day.  By the time everyone was packing up to leave, I was too tired to help so I just passed out under the trailer.  The end!

P.S.  I feel the need to mention that Chris was NOT injured in his crash.  He was wearing that shirt over full race leathers with helmet, boots, gloves and chest and back protectors.   He would, however, probably want me to mention that he clocked a personal best time that day.  Soooo, you win some and you lose some!


One thought on “Henry’s Day at the Track

  1. Pup Fan says:

    Henry is just too freakin’ cute!

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