**Disclaimer:  I am HIGHLY unoriginal.  I feel the need to say right now that all concepts in this post were stolen directly from Bower Power.  Either Katie Bower created these techniques or she learned them from someone else who learned them from someone else and so on and so forth…  I, in turn, learned them from her and executed them half as well.  Techniques in this post can be found here and here.**

In an effort not to bore you with all the technical stuff that, if you want to do it yourself, you can learn in the post above, this post is going to be a lot of photos and a lot of metaphors.  Enjoy!

Our bedroom furniture was dated.  When I say dated I mean like 1983— as in the year my parents were married.  Chris and I inherited my parent’s bedroom furniture.  They got it when they got married from my dad’s grandma, my great-grandma’s furniture store (or Momo, as I knew her). This is high quality real wood furniture and  I’m sure it was very hip in the early 80’s.  Sadly, it made our room look very dark in combination with our dark walls.  The set includes a tall dresser, a long dresser w/mirror, 2 bed side tables and a really skinny tall dresser that I’m not really sure what was meant for and have no room (so it lives in my parent’s basement).  I thought ahead just well enough to get just a couple pics…

I knew something needed to change. I thought about getting new furniture but I’m cheap and new furniture is expensive. Veto.  So, in January, I saw the first Bower Power post.  I was inspired… I thought “I can do this.  I can DIY new furniture form a diamond in the rough (yes, that was an Aladdin reference…).”  I am that person who, when asked if I paid for the holes in my 2004 Aeropostale jeans, proudly announces that I got them at 2 a.m. in a Waffle House parking lot.  (I should probably throw those jeans away but they just fit so well!)  This was the middle of winter.  I needed space and so I waited… and waited… and waited…. until 4 weeks ago when I finally got the motivation to get started.  Yay!  Off I went to Home Depot and got the supplies.  Then I got to work.  The first weekend I just did the bed side tables.  They were small and good to test things out on.  First, sanding…

After things were all sanded down a bit, I put on the first coat of paint. I bought paint and primer in one in a shade of cream that matched our bedding. Even with the paint and primer in one, this was dark wood and it sucked the paint up.  Here is how things looks after 2 coats…

Since glaze was going over the top, I put on one more coat and we were golden.  It was about 90 degrees the day I did this project so after painting the furniture I moved everything into the basement so I didn’t melt trying to finish it.

Glaze is a funny thing. You mix paint and glaze, apply and then wipe off the excess to get the look of a vintage piece that has experienced some wear and tear but first, you have to distress!  This project taught me a lot about distressing and glazing. It was a bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  On my first attempt with the bed side tables I didn’t distress/glaze enough.  On the tall dresser I did second, I went too far.  Finally on the dresser with the mirror, my 3rd attempt- BINGO!- just right!

Here’s a couple images for those of you scanning through just looking at pictures…  For those of you actually reading, there is good distressing and there is bad distressing.  If you over-distress, just go back to painting and cover up your mistake.  It’s like it never happened!

Last but not lease, hardware. I thought about getting new hardware for months.  I researched and thought and planned and visited Home Depot.  The problem… although the hardware on all 3 pieces are similar, they are not the same.  More specifically the space between the screw holes varied.  As I mentioned before, I’m cheap… and now we can add lazy to the mix because I had no interest in covering the holes and creating new ones.  So on that trip to Home Depot for supplies I looked at my options.  Enter Rustoleum Hammered Silver.  It gave me the updated look I wanted for $8!

As I mentioned, week one I painted the bed side tables.  Week 2 I moved onto the tall dresser.  Week 3 I rested at the New York Lake House.  Week 4, with a little help from Miss Lindsay in Wonderland

… I finished strong on the long dresser with the mirror.  It took a lot of time, but was TOTALLY WORTH IT. Now a bunch of  after pictures…

The difference really is stunning. The entire room has a much lighter feel. I wish I would have taken more before pictures or used a better camera or something.  If you know me and are at my house, ask to see it.   If you don’t know me and are at my house, I might be a little creeped out but I’ll probably show you any way.  My friend Candice saw things 2/3 of the way done and said it looked like something you could get at Pottery Barn- best. compliment. ever.


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  1. […] that, it was a much needed weekend home.  I showered Baby Barbz and finished my bedroom furniture project with Lindsay while Chris and the boys went to Ocean City, MD for Jack’s bachelor party.  […]

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