Workin’ for the Weekend!

It’s August and while I’m bummed about how fast summer is passing me by, I’m also excited for 2 amazing weekends.

This weekend Chris and I travel to Pittsburgh to see these sexy people say “I do…”

That’s right- wedding season starts TOMORROW!  First, Katie and Danny in Pittsburgh then the last 2 Aces tie the knot with Russ and Summer in September and Jack and Lauren in October.  Ummm… can someone tell me when I grew up?  Whenever it was, I’ll be sad to see the amazing fun that is this group’s weddings go away.  Here are some of my favorite moments…

Me, Jack & Russ- Chris & My Wedding 2009

Jill, Lauren, Me & Lindsay- Chris & My Wedding 2009 (ACES WIVES CLUB!)

The crew at Barbz & Lindsay’s wedding- 2009

Jack remounting the garter on Lauren- JT & Lindsay’s wedding 2010

Russ mackin’ on Aggie & Colleen- JT & Lindsay’s wedding 2010

Next weekend my family hits the road for the Lake of the Woods.  You’ve never heard of Lake of the Woods?  Good.  I want to keep it that way!  This secluded lake in upstate New York is gorgeous, peaceful and FUN!  We discovered it thanks to the Zinninger family whom Tracy nannied for when she lived in Syracuse for the summer.  They own a house on the lake where they believe in waking up late, sunning, tubing, jet skiing and afternoon happy hours!  Yes, please.  This is our 5th summer at the lake and I think these photos from previous years speak for themselves….

Peaceful?  They’ve got peaceful!

Chris trying to keep himself afloat in a child’s paddle boat…

Me with the Zinninger kids- Charlotte & Georgie

Did I mention there is a winery nearby that makes WINE SLUSHIES????

My parents with the Zinningers- Sandy & George

Tracy and I in Alex Bay- the nearest tourist spot!

Should have a few great posts coming in the next few weeks! 🙂


One thought on “Workin’ for the Weekend!

  1. […] our friends the Zinninger (you might remember them from my posts about trips to their lake house here and here. We had a fabulous time drinking, skiing and socializing.  I am amazed by the way this […]

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