It’s Tribe Time, Baby!

The title of this post really should be “It’s FINALLY Tribe Time, Baby” since this post is seriously delayed…

In April, I applied for tickets in the Cleveland Indians Social Media Suite. The Tribe is very with the times (or hip to the trends, if you prefer) and consequently, they have reserved a suite at Progressive Field for social media savvy Clevelanders to enjoy a baseball game in style while checking-in on Facebook, Tweeting and Blogging about their experience.  Obviously, I am all about social media, all about Cleveland and all about FREE- so I jumped on this opportunity.

The site says that it takes up to 6 weeks to have an order processed and they asked that I pick a game date.  I picked my wedding anniversary.  I waited… and waited… and when my anniversary passed, I had a fleeting thought of disappointment but quickly forgot about the whole thing.

Then on May 26th I got an email inviting me to the Social Media Suite at Progressive Field for the Indian’s game on Friday, June 3. I was REALLY excited to hear back from them and INCREDIBLY bummed because that was the weekend we were going to be in Cali.  Luckily, once they approve your application, the staff at the Cleveland Indians are flexible on your game date.  Within hours, I was booked for the Indians vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates on Friday, June 17th.

I have to say that our experience started off slow. I had to wait in a VERY long will-call line to get my tickets but they were FREE so I wasn’t complaining.  When Chris and I got up to the club level, I was getting pretty excited.  We saw the sign for the Social Media Suite and I was thrilled.

The suite had free wi-fi, lots of bloggers and really comfortable seats with a great view.  We even got the press notes for the game!

Oh, AND it was dollar dog night. BONUS.  Chris and I got the maximum 6 dogs per purchase and 2 Leinenkugel Summer Shandies and enjoyed the game.  I rarely tweet but I had fun tweeting my experience with the #socialsuite tag and watching the tweets come in from my suite mates.  We watched the Tribe run up the score and the fans run up the hot dog total (over 70,000 were consumed…).

As day turned into night, Chris and I marveled at the views, the fans and the fun of a great game (we even saw our first ever real life balk!)— but as the 9th inning closed out- things weren’t over yet.  The Social Media Suite attendees were invited to go down to field level and watch the fireworks from the VISITOR DUG OUT.  Well, if I must!  Off we went, past the press boxes, down the elevator, past security and ONTO THE FIELD.  Well, really just the warning track.  We weren’t allowed on the grass, but I didn’t care.  I had never been on the field before so it was a pretty surreal experience.

As I mentioned before, I’m not really big into fireworks.  HOWEVER, the fireworks at Progressive Field were not only set to music but we were lucky enough to come when the theme with 80’s music.  Chris was thrilled!  I had fun too. 🙂

Thanks to the Cleveland Indians & Progressive Field for an unforgettable experience.  GO TRIBE!


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