Birthday Girl

Today is France’s Independence Day, Bastille Day.  It is also my 27th birthday.  I was born on 7/14 at 4:17- the exact time I set this post to publish!

27.  Woah.  I don’t feel 27.  I don’t know how old I feel but I don’t feel old enough to be 27.  I realize that 27 is very young.  I’m practically still a baby to some people.  Speaking of babies, this is what I looked like when I was one…

Oh, Olan Mills… you take a mean baby portrait!  I was a pretty cute kid, right??  Here are a few more old pics…

I called the pillow I’m holding in this photo Fave because it was my favorite.  I went everywhere with Fave for years.  I think technically there were a few different Faves.  My grandpa burned one with a cigar, I definitely remember that.  On my 6th birthday, I woke up and Fave was gone.  It was quite traumatizing so I went in the basement and found a teddy bear to replace him.  Teddy is currently in my closet.  Most of his fur has been loved off.

Check out that laser background! Jealous?  You should be!  In this photo I’m smiling with my mouth closed because I had my first upper palette expander.  I was born with a severe underbite.  It was cute when I was little but would not be so cute now.  When I was 8 my parents took me to the orthodonist for the first time.  That led me to 3 upper palette expanders, 2 sets of braces, 2 retainers and a short stint with head gear (I ONLY WORE IT TO BED!).  It was a long 7 years but I’m pretty pleased with the results!

And now we have the awkward years.  I played soccer for 5 years.  I was never very good.

In 7th grade I started transitioning from soccer to theatre.  This photo is from Anything Goes my senior year spring musical.  I played Erma- the ditzy sidekick who uses her sexuality to get men to do what she wants.  I went to Catholic High School. Go figure.

This is the first picture of Chris and I after we started dating.  We were on Kelley’s Island.  I don’t remember it being taken.

This photo is from Jump Back Ball 2011.  It is a metaphor for what I hope 27 will be. I hope to take life by the horns and make this year the very best it can be. Food, friends, blogging, my beagle and boyfriend (ya, ya…husband… but boyfriend sounded better after beagle).

I’ll be starting the year out right with a bachelorette party in Charlotte.  I’m not the party animal I was in college anymore but I sure do love a girls weekend with dancing and drinks.  Prepare for a full recap when I return!!


3 thoughts on “Birthday Girl

  1. Lindsay says:

    I’d like to call attention to the fact that Chris is shirtless in the first picture you two took together. How’s that for foreshadowing? 😉

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