10 down! 15 to go… Scene Challenge Update

I’m embarrassed to say that it has been almost 2 1/2 months since my last Scene Challenge entry.  However, I’m back with restaurants 6-10!!  Hopefully, I’m still on course to finish by mid-September.  If anyone out there would like to join me for remaining restaurants just take a look at the list at the bottom of this page and leave a comment with the restaurant you want to go to!

Luckily, my birthday is this Thursday so I’m taking full advantage and using it as an excuse to go to as many restaurants as I can!  Last night we went to restaurant 11, Fahrenheit, and tonight I’ll be at restaurant 12, Nightown!  As for 6-10, it was a long road.  Travel, work changes and general summer fun kept me pretty busy over the last few months.

Please forgive my lack of check-in at restaurant 9, Tommy’s.  I would SWEAR I checked in but when I looked later it was no where to be found.  My mom and Carrie can vouch for me, though.  As for restaurant 10… I fudged that one a little.  Crop is closed right now as they are in the process of moving from W. 6th St. to Ohio City.   I’ve been there- the food is great.  So, as a stand-in, Chris and I went to Cropicana- the new restaurant on Whiskey Island owned by the owners of Crop.  Hopefully, you agree that this stand-in is acceptable.  If you don’t, too bad- I make the rules!  🙂

6. Bar Cento (Ohio City)
I went with
: Tracy & Chris
Price: We went during happy hour.  Total was about $50 for the 3 of us.
What we had: Tracy and I each had a sangia (white for me, red for her), I got the house salad and we split a marinara pizza.  Chris got a beer and the Sunnyside pizza.
Food:  I’ve eaten at Bar Cento before and they definitely have good pizza.  Both our Marinara and Chris’s Sunnyside were delicious.  The sangria was also delicious and for $5 it was a deal!  Only disappointing part was their $5 house salad.  It was pretty sad (photo below).
Service: The service was a little slow.  Our waiter was kinda strange.  Overall, a little disappointing.
Summary: Come here for the pizza and beer!


7. Parkview Niteclub (Detroit Shoreway)
I went with
: Julie
Price: We went for brunch.  With tip, I spent about $10.
What we had: I had the Eggs Benedict (one of my favorite breakfast items) and Julie had the Eggs Wellington and a Mimosa.
Food: The food was really good.  My Eggs Benedict were not the best I have ever had but they are the perfect hangover food (not that I had on that day).  I tried Julie’s steak and it was pretty amazing for a corner bar.
Service: Service was okay.  The bartenders were also serving so I tend to cut them a little slack.
Summary:  Perfect for brunch!!


8. Greenhouse Tavern (E. 4th Street)
I went with
: Lindsay Doerr
Price: We went during happy hour.  It was my last week at Near West and Lindsay treated.
What we had: I had the house white and Lindsay had a red wine (can’t remember what kind).  I had the Grilled Caesar Salad and the Grass Fed Ohio Beef Burger.  Lindsay had the Animal Style Fries &  Edemame.
Food:  I had originally wanted the lamb burger but it was a Monday and they hadn’t gotten their shipment for the week yet. BOO.  I’m not much of a hamburger fan but I decided to try it.  This was probably one of the best burgers I have ever had.  The salad was also delicious although I still find grilled lettuce a little weird.   Lindsay’s fries were drenched in gravy and cheese.  YES PLEASE!
Service: We sat at the bar and it wasn’t too crowded so service was good.
Summary: Great burger.  Have to go back to try the lamb!


9. Tommy’s (Coventry)
I went with
: My mom & my childhood babysitter, Carrie
Price: My mom paid for this one…
What we had: Everyone had shakes (cookies n’ cream for me, vanilla for Carrie, chocolate for my mom).  Carrie and my Mom each had the veggie burger.  I had the lamb shawarma.  We split an order of fries.
Food:  Everyone had a great meal but the best part was the milkshakes.  Everyone I told I was coming here told me to get the milk shake.  I was not disappointed.  It was the perfect level of creaminess with the extra mixing glass!
Service: The service was good overall.  They never refilled my water when I ran out but I was so obsessed with my milkshake at that point it didn’t really matter.
Summary: Great dinner style food. BEST MILKSHAKES  EVER (and I know milkshakes!).


10. Cropicana (Whiskey Island)
I went with
: Chris
Price: $32
What we had: I had the Caesar salad, fish tacos and a Miller Lite.  Chris had a very tall Labatt’s and the shaved pork sandwich with homemade chips.
Food:  The food was awesome!  The owners of Crop and Cropicana know how to create delicious taste combinations.  I was especially impressed with Chris’s pork sandwich.  I am not a big fan of bbq sauce but the sauce on that sandwich was to die for.
Service: Jump in line and grab a tray!  This place is fast food style.  We didn’t wait long which was impressive since the food was such high quality.
Summary: Perfect place to enjoy a summer evening!



40% DONE!  15 to go…!  Who will help me finish the list??


2 thoughts on “10 down! 15 to go… Scene Challenge Update

  1. Cropicana for Crop makes sense to me! I haven’t been there yet. Since going to Whiskey Island is on my “28 at 28” list, you’ve inspired me to check it out sooner rather than later.

    You have some awesome places left to check out. Several of my favorite CLE restaurants are on that list! Enjoy!

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