California Love- Part 2

Finally- part 2! Have you been holding your breath in anticipation?  Hopefully not, because it has been a month since the trip and 15 days since I posted part 1! Fail.

So, when we left off, we were back from Temecula but not without a few detours involving the candy store.  Long story.

Sunday morning Chris and I woke up extra early (8 a.m. on vacation is extra early to me!) so we could get on to Disneyland for a full day of fun (Beth and Tim met up with us mid-day)!  Because Beth and Tim are awesome, I woke up to find this…

Now that is a fantastic continental breakfast! If you can’t tell, they even set the timer on the coffee pot so there was hot coffee waiting for us.  They are obviously much better at thinking ahead than we are.  After our healthy delicious breakfast, we got on the road.  Anaheim is just a hop, skip and jump from Beth and Tim’s place so we got there in no time.  We had gotten a hotel for the night so we stopped there first. As expected, we couldn’t check in at 10 am but we were able to leave the car there which saved us a bundle on parking.  The park entrance was just a 10 minute walk from the hotel.  YAY! $200 later (yikes!), we were ready for the happiest place on earth!

Beth and Tim are season pass holders making them Disneyland experts in my eyes.  They gave us lots of great tips for the day.  Their best tips?  Fast Passes and the Disneyland Wait Time App.  These 2 things saved us so much time waiting in lines!  Our very first stop was at the fast pass line for Star Tours- the Star Wars 3d simulator ride.  This ride had just opened and the lines for it were CRAZY.  We got fast passes at 10:30 a.m. and they had us coming back at 7 p.m.!  Once those were procured, the riding began!  I have to say that the wait times were not bad at all in general.  Our App probably helped out but, on average, the waits were nothing like Cedar Point.  My favorite ride?  Most defintely California Screamin’.  I’m a rollercoaster girl through and through!

I had seen pictures of Beth and Tim with friends wearing “First Visit” buttons so I was thrilled when the woman working at the Pizza Portal where we had lunch asked if we were newbies.  I said yes and BOOM! we had buttons!  I wore mine with pride…

I also made Chris do lots of things he didn’t want to do.  No- I did not make him pose with characters.  But I did make him mimic Mickey Mouse…

Mid-afternoon, Beth, Tim, Addie and their friend, Jon, joined us!  They showed us lots of things we might not have thought to do.  My favorite of those was World of Color- the water and light show!  But, before we did that, we stopped for ice cream at the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor!  There I took the opportunity to take a pic of Addie.  It makes me smile!

After ice cream it was fireworks and World of Color.  Disney does fireworks right! I’m generally not a big fan of fireworks but done to music they are actually really enjoyable. Tim snapped this photo of Chris and I waiting for the show to start.

Sunday night we stayed in hotel in Anaheim before heading up to L.A. on Monday morning for a little sight-seeing.  We indulged ourselves by sleeping in and having a long breakfast then got on the road.  In typical L.A. fashion, we hit traffic.  Not horrible traffic, but traffic none the less.  About a half hour into our crawl, we saw what was causing the delay.  A car was smashed so badly that there basically was no more trunk.  😦

Once we reached L.A., we headed straight for Hollywood Blvd. and the Walk of Fame.  I played tourist and Chris pretended he wasn’t embarrassed as I stopped every 100 feet to take another photo of a star…

After a short walk, we arrived at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.  Being totally predictable, I went in search of Marilyn Monroe (Some Like It Hot is my favorite movie of all time).  She must be very popular because he handprints were kind of gross…

Chris was more original and went looking for Jim Carey.  After a lot of nagging, bargaining and persuading, I got him to get in the tourist spirit and stand in Jim’s footsteps…

Do you see the disdain in his eyes?  Any whoo….  After Grauman’s, we had lunch at Baja Fresh (more deliciousness) and ventured out to get a good picture of the Hollywood sign (if I’m going touristy, I’m going full on ridiculous).  We got totally lost trying to get on the 101 and I am so happy we did because that is when we found Mulholland Dr.  This grabbed Chris’s attention- finally something he would appreciate!  He drove the winding road like a pro and I was completely in awe of the amazing view of the Hollywood Hills and Downtown L.A.

Then we hit they highway and headed to the coast.  We had to go back down to Orange County for our flight that evening and decided to take the scenic route via the Pacific Coast Highway.  It was a great drive and since we had time, we stopped at Huntington Beach and walked out on the pier.

Our last stop before the airport? We pointed our GPS to the nearest In & Out Burger!  We couldn’t resist one last taste.  Tim would have been proud of me as I ordered flawlessly!  Animal Style- YUM!

After that was an overnight flight, very little sleep and the drive back to Cleveland.  Pretty uneventful and extremely exhausting- but the trip was SO worth it.  We had the best time.  I really truly hope to get back there soon!


3 thoughts on “California Love- Part 2

  1. Carrie says:

    Hi Sara- I enjoyed reading about your Cali trip. This for sure makes me want to go- looks awesome!

  2. chris says:

    You left out the Jungle Adventure ride with all the awesome jokes!

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