Potty Humor

IT’S ALMOST THE WEEKEND!!!!! Next week I have 2 day at Near West, 1 day to myself, and then my first 2 days of work at Embrace.  WHY AM I SO SCARED?!?!

Luckily, I have a busy weekend that should keep my mind off these things.  Tonight, Chris and I have tickets to the Indian’s game in their Social Media Suite (oh the perks of blogging!!!) and Barbz’s birthday bar hop.  Tomorrow, Henry and I are headed to Hinckley to party like we’re back in high school at Julie’s parents house (they are on vacation! ha!).  Then Sunday brings a Father’s Day cookout and the return of my husband and sister from their respective weekend getaways. Busy, busy, busy.

On a lighter note… take a look at today’s post from Blogging Dangerously called: A Crappy Realization.  Now, change the Bruins to the Browns.  Welcome to my life.

Finally- because I don’t like posts without pictures (who does, really???)-  a few Iphone pics of my favorite humans with my favorite beagle…



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