California Love! Part 1

Two weeks ago, I was dreaming of my California vacation.  Today,  I am panicking about getting everthing done and documented before my last day on Tuesday.  AHHH!


It seems like high time to recap our vacation.  The short version?  IT WAS AMAZING!!  …and now for the long version…

Thursday night, we packed up the car and headed for Pittsburgh (yes, a 2 hour car ride before we even got on a plane!), where we stayed at Casa Camino.  Let me tell you this- the Camino family is good people.  While Lindsay (formerly Camino, now Phillips) was guest posting on this very blog, her parents were taking us in as boarders for the night so that we didn’t have to get up and drive to the airport from Cleveland at 5 a.m.  I am not a morning person so…GOD BLESS THEM!  They also fed us breakfast (both that day and upon our return!) and drove us to and from the airport.  TALK ABOUT GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND!!

Friday morning at the Pittsburgh airport, Chris took a moment to express his feelings for the Steeler’s before we got on our plane to Newark…

From Newark, it was a 6 hour flight all the way across the U.S. of A.  Luckily, our flight had Dish Network, so $7.99 (each) later I was happily enjoying mid-day marathons of Sex and the City and Say Yes to the Dress while Chris was watching a billion episodes of Nitro Circus (thank god we each had our own TV!).  Upon our arrival in Orange County we got our rental vehicle and drove directly to Target.  Exciting, huh?  Yup, but neccesary.  I had forgotten my plastic baggie of travel size liquids at home and I just can’t function properly without hair products.

Hair products secured we ventured on to Beth and Tim’s house- 12 hours after our journey had begun in Pittsburgh.  It was amazing to see Beth and Tim and meet the ADORABLE Miss Adelyn Grace.  Luckily, Chris and I were surprisingly un-jetlagged (is that a word?), so the 5 of us jumped in the car for some dinner and sight-seeing.  Let me tell you something dear reader- we had such amazing meals in California.  The first was at Wahoo’s Fish Tacos.  I wasn’t even hungry but  I could not resist the deliciousness… my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

After dinner we took a walk around the Spectrum, an outdoor shopping center where I took a photo that just screams California to me and makes me want to go back every time I see it on my phone…

By this time I was struggling to stay awake but not ready to call it a day so we took a drive down the coast to Balboa Island.  Did I say “hello!!” to the ocean the moment I saw it?  Yes. Yes, I did.  Here’s a great pic of Beth and Tim at Balboa Island (the one of me and Chris is not so great because I look like I’ve been up for 18 hours, which I had).

We made one last stop before heading home- Yogartland.  WHY DO WE NOT HAVE THIS IN OHIO?!?!  You select your own yogurt(s) and toppings, creating whatever suits your whims and then you pay by the ounce. Genius.  Mine was cheesecake yogurt, strawberry yogurt, brownie batter yogurt, oreos and gummy bears. Yes, gummy bears. I am a 5 year old.

Soon after it was off to a much desired dreamland. 

The next morning, Tim made breakfast (because he is AWESOME) and then we took a hike with some amazing views.  It was the perfect low key way to start out a California day (or so I tell myself).  Post-hike, we stopped at In-and-Out burger, my new favorite place and restaurant #3 that needs to come to Ohio.  (Just to recap for all you restaurant execs/franchisees that are reading this – restaurants we need in Ohio are 1. Wahoo’s Fish Taco, 2. Yogartland, 3. In-and-Out Burger!). We ate our Animal Style burgers (soooooooooo good) in the car (because we’re classy like that) on our way to Temecula for some wine tasting.

After some crazy traffic we arrived in a very crowded Temecula.  All the wineries were SUPER packed. Just as a note to anyone looking to go wine tasting in Temecula- go during the week.  They jack up the pricing on tastings on the weekend.

Winery #1- Leonesse Cellars was… a little disappointing.  The tasting was expensive, the service was only so-so and the wine wasn’t all that amazing.  They did, however, have some great views so after our tasting we took a few photos…

Winery #2- South Coast Winery had a HUGE selection but was equally crowded.  That was good and bad.  Bad because service was slow. Good because they weren’t keeping very good track of how many tastings they were giving us! I bought a couple bottles there to take home.  I’m excited to see if their California Girl (Reisling/Sav Blanc blend) tastes as good in Ohio!

Winery #3- Ponte Winery.  This was my pick.  I had been there when my family was in Cali in 2006 for a wedding.  We decided that we had enough tastings and just did dinner.  Let me tell you- we made the right choice.  The food was INCREDIBLE.  I had a rock shrimp and pesto pizza that was pretty much the tops. 

Most impressive part of our trip to Temecula?  This little girl…

HOW CUTE IS SHE!?!?!?!  Addie was a dream the whole day.  She is the kind of baby that just loves to be with you…although it takes her a while to warm up to having new people hold her!  What can I say, she is a girl who knows what she wants. I was not phased and by dinner time we were best buds…

This post is getting rather long so I’ll finish up by saying—- if the sign says the road is closed at the candy store- THE ROAD IS CLOSED AT THE CANDY STORE. 

Back soon with a recap of our days at Disneyland and in L.A.!


3 thoughts on “California Love! Part 1

  1. Beth says:

    oh my goodness! tim and i read this together and totally laughed. we had such a great time with you guys!!

    oh the candy store!!!!!!!

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