‘Embracing’ Change

I told you in my post earlier this week about Henry’s birthday that I had big news.  No, I am not pregnant.  Yes, I do feel like that is everyone’s first thought when I tell them I have big news.

After 4 amazing years, I am leaving my job at Near West Theatre.  It wasn’t an easy decision and I am going to miss it here A TON!  I am amazed by the things I accomplished in my first real adult job-  I created a constituent system, implemented a new ticketing system and instituted a social media plan… and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Executive Director, Stephanie Morrison-Hrbek, and me at the 2009 Benefit

So, where I am going?  On June 23rd, I start as the Marketing Coordinator at Embrace Pet Insurance.  I’ll be handling social media, writing web content, and assisting sales staff- among many other things.

Where did this come from, you ask?  Well yes, dear reader, it is true that all of my work experience is in theatre.  And that three years ago I could not have EVER imagined myself making this transition- but that was before a little dog named Henry changed my prespective and an amazing organization called Secondhand Mutts led me to a new passion that is having such a HUGE impact on my life. 

I am nervous about leaving Near West and all the work I’ve put in here but I am so excited for this transition.  I love working in social media (I think this blog proves that) and I am excited to be working for an up and coming company that, I believe, has it’s head, heart and business practices in the right place (and how many insurance companies can you say that about??).  Plus- I get to take Henry to work, which is a pretty awesome perk!

More on all this later but wish me luck as I make this HUGE change!


3 thoughts on “‘Embracing’ Change

  1. Lindsay says:

    Not many people have an opportunity to work in an area that encompasses their passion(s) and also helps pay the bills. I’m so excited for you! You’re success will continue and you’ll have Henry by your side the whole time! Congrats!

  2. Beth says:

    yay! congrats…I guess you passed your crazy test! ;o)

  3. […] and tonight I’ll be at restaurant 12, Nightown!  As for 6-10, it was a long road.  Travel, work changes and general summer fun kept me pretty busy over the last few […]

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