Birthday Beagle 3.0

Happy 3rd birthday to my most favoritest man dog in the world!!!

Is today really Henry’s day of birth?  No one really knows.  We adopted him at 7 months old in January of 2009.  I picked this day because it was roughly 5 months later and it happens to by my and Chris’s dating anniversary.  Since we were getting married that May we were happy to give it up as “our day” but I love that it is still a day to celebrate!

The day we took him home!

I often wonder what Henry’s life was like before he was found with that broken leg.  I bet most owners of rescue pups wonder the same thing.  I have to believe he was the most adorable puppy ever.  I’m really sad I missed that.  

Henry loves the car and I love taking him places!

We are so lucky to have this handsome pup in our lives.  Chris and I are constantly amazed by how much we can love Henry… and how much he loves us!  Happy birthday, Henry!!!

This pic is the background on my phone!

 P.S.  Big news coming later this week!!!!


2 thoughts on “Birthday Beagle 3.0

  1. Candice says:

    Gabe and I always talk about how we wish we could have seen Ralphie as a puppy…I would give anything for just a picture!

  2. […] told you in my post earlier this week about Henry’s birthday that I had big news.  No, I am not pregnant.  Yes, I do feel like that is everyone’s first […]

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