Life According to Lindsay’s Blackberry

Today’s Life According to My Iphone comes from my fabulous friend, Lindsay.  She guest posted previously with an amazing brownie recipe.  Today she’s showing off her Blackberry pics for your enjoyment…
Well hi there. I’m Lindsay. I left Wonderland to guest blog for one of my nearest and dearest while she soaks up that Cali sunshine with her hubby for a few days. Even though I’ve been neglectful of my own blog, I can always find the time to guest post for Sara. See what I did there? I wore my clever pants today, just for YOU.
I love Sara’s idea of perusing through phone pictures because it’s quite comical to see what images you snap here and there. So as the theme suggests, here’s My Life According to my Blackberry:
When Sara and I get our group of friends together for a party, we try our hardest to incorporate a theme. This photo is from our ski trip this past January. After a day of layers and snow, we stripped down to neon and short shorts for a late night 80’s party.
This is from one of our many family dinners. My husband and I love to entertain and hosting a dinner means I get to decorate my table! This was from a welcome dinner we hosted for our current house guest who arrived back in March.
This is a picture of the mall. Not the shopping kind, the DC mall! After our house guest arrived, we played tourists for a day and this was taken from the top of the Washington monument. I’m afraid of heights, so this was proof that I sucked up my fear to enjoy the view. After the vertigo subsided, it was quite lovely.
I sent this photo to my parents when I was grocery shopping last week. Once as a child, I wanted chocolate milk, but was told to wait. Impatience and a sweet tooth led me to take a similar can of Hershey’s under my sister’s crib and chug the entire container. Lesson learned: don’t starve a chocolate craving.
I’m co-hosting a luau bridal shower for my BFF in a few weeks. I’m too cheap to buy this “Tropical Luau Sounds” CD from the party store, so I took a pic to remember the songs. That isn’t stealing, right?
And this is my life lately. On my laptop attending my virtual GRE prep course, while my dogs keep me company. Stonewall on the left, Nelly on the right. 
Thanks for taking a peek into my BB life! If you want to see more of my life, head on over to my blog. Do you have any weird or funny photos on your phone? I can’t wait to see what Sara has to share when she gets back!

2 thoughts on “Life According to Lindsay’s Blackberry

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