Life According to my IPhone

Ever since Chris got me my IPhone for Valentine’s Day, I have been completely obsessed.  How did I ever function without this little piece of technology?  Honestly, I functioned quite well, but life just seems a little more fun and the world seems to be a little more at my fingertips since I got it.

I love photos.  I could look at photos all day long.  I often find myself going through the photos on my Iphone in my spare time. You know, those moments when you are sitting in a waiting room or in the car and you’ve already played all your opponents in Words with Friends???  Oh, is that just me?

I often wonder about what people would think if they had only the photos on my Iphone to go by.  So, I decided to post an assortment here in this new series, “Life According to My Iphone.”  Judge me as you will.  Oh, and don’t just judge me… with my Cali vacation on the horizon (3 days!), I’ve enlisted a few friends to share their life in pictures while I’m gone.  My super awesome and hilarious friend, Candice, will be posting her Iphone pics and Lindsay (of Lindsay in Wonderland) will be contributing her life according to her Blackberry.

So, without further ado…

Lovely tulips I planted 2 years ago. I heart perennials.

At a Season Brochure photo shoot for work.

Tracy & Poe at Andy's birthday party.

I bought this at 12:30 p.m. on a Wednesday. It's 5:00 somewhere??

My cookies n' creme shake from Sweet Moses

Henry on a hot day.

Russ with his $20 lottery ticket at a rest stop in Lima, OH.

My thoughts? I AM AWESOME (but I may be biased). JK!  However, these photos do make me smile. So, what do you think these photos say about me?  If you say that I like food, booze and dogs- you would be right.  But that’s not all I am.  🙂

Lindsay & Candice… tag! you’re it!


5 thoughts on “Life According to my IPhone

  1. Candice Venditti says:

    That picture you tagged of me is the worst! Is that really what I look like??

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