Car trouble?

Last Thursday was not my day.  In the process of being pulled over by a police officer on a motorcycle, I was hit by an AT&T truck.  First and foremost, I’M FINE.   My car is not.

My poor little Tuscon.  (On a side note, I have not named this car yet. I think it’s a boy.  Any suggestions?)

While this accident would not have happened if I had not been pulled over, it did happen and it was good that the police officer was there.  He determined I was not at fault, the AT&T driver was ticketed and there was a police report written. (and yes, if you must know, I was ticketed for the routine traffic stop but is that really relevant??? 🙂 )

A week later that sad little section that is hanging on by a thread in the photo is still duck taped back on.  The Tuscon looks like a battle hardened veteran saying “Ya, well, you should see the other guy!”  Although, in truth, the AT&T truck was a tank.  It ripped off that chunk of bumper like it was nothing and barely had a scratch to show for it.  The police officer originally thought my car was previously damaged until he found the piece of bumper lodged into the front tire well of the truck.

Now, I just have to hope and pray that there isn’t any drama with the insurance.  I’ve been contacted by AT&T and sent them the 2 repair estimates they requested. Now, I wait.  (cue Final Jeopardy music)


One thought on “Car trouble?

  1. […] for our early flight tomorrow!  Her mom is pretty much the nicest. – AT&T is covering both the repair of my car and a rental vehicle. YES! – Henry turns 3 years old on Wednesday!!!  This is exciting but at […]

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