I got the music in me

Music has always been an incredibly important part of my life.  I can chart all the major events in favorite songs, artists and concerts.  And it always seem to mean just a little more in the hard times.   A song that you’ve loved and listened to time after time can suddenly take on a new and more powerful meaning when the lyrics start to mean something to you.

Examples?  Here’s to the Night by Eve 6 was my prom theme- I suggested it.  Holy Water by Big & Rich got me through my first major college break-up (i feel the need to put a disclaimer that I didn’t realize what the song was actually about at the time…).   On the day of my college graduation, I cried as I listened to Still Fighting It by Ben Folds. When Chris and I almost called it quits after 6 months I listened to What Hurts the Most  by Rascal Flatts and on our wedding day I walked down the aisle to Stolen by Dashboard Confessional.

So when one of the most important people in my life was struggling with the emotions brought up by a chance encounter with an ex, I turned to music- not for myself, but for her.  As always, the perfect song was there.  A song that summed up all the mixed emotions, the confusion, the pain, and the power to move past it.   She had heard it a million times before but as she listened to it that day, the song took on a new meaning.  I could see her take the power back and regain her sense of composure and self confidence. 

The song?  One of my current favorites.  Rolling in the Deep by Adele.

So, what songs got you through the hard times, the good times or are so engrained that they have become a part of you?


2 thoughts on “I got the music in me

  1. Beautiful songs you have chosen! Music, in my opinion, is so much a part of most of our lives, as it is more of a feeling than a sound… and is most cases a memory. A friend of mine worked as a nurse in a geriatric ward and worked with an old lady who had lost her memory and speech due to dementia, but remembered her favorite song ang and they used to sing it together. It gave that lady such a feeling of joy and also gave her a fraction of herself back.

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