You’re Welcome!

…but you didn’t thank me, right?  This is true. 

I have discovered recently that I don’t say “You’re Welcome.”  When people thank me for something, I tend to go with  “No problem” or “Don’t worry about it.”  This becomes especially obvious when I am busy with Box Office orders at work.  Very often callers thank me after I take their order (so polite!) and I NEVER say “You’re welcome.”  It’s like I’m allergic to that phrase.

I have to believe I said it at one time.  It is the polite response, isn’t it?  So, why, when I know it is the appropriate response, do I find it so hard to make it a habit?  Any thoughts?

Is there something that you should say but you don’t?  Or even something you wish you could remove from your vocabulary???


One thought on “You’re Welcome!

  1. Lindsay says:

    I think this is so funny that you noticed this. I love self-awareness. I overthink my words at work constantly, but that’s just because I work in HR. 🙂 Outside of work I abbreviate everything. The other night I even shortened that word into “abbreves”, which makes no sense at all.

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