I don’t (want to) care…

…but I do.

Damn it, British Royals, why must you facscinate me so?!?!

Don’t get me wrong- I was NOT up at 4a.m.- for me, sleep > royal wedding.  But I may or may not have opened up 3 wedding related links directly from my Yahoo homepage the moment I got into work. 

I really feel like I should not care about this but the whole thing fascinates me to no end.  The world is obsessed with the British royals in a way that is unparelleled by any star or monarch in the world today.  Why them?  And why can’t we stop watching? 

I find the titles Kate and William received today to be equally fascinating.  They are now the “Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”  Cambridge hasn’t had a Duke and Duchess since 1904.  Why that title? Why now?  And if it sat vacant for over 100 years, are there other titles that need filling?  If the princess thing isn’t going to happen for me, I think I would make a great Baroness. 

I wouldn’t go so far to say that every girl grows up wishing to be a princess but most of us probably imagined it at one time or another.  Kate is living that dream- a normal girl becoming a princess.  Though it might not be dream in real life,  she seems to be handling the pressures of life in the spotlight with grace and dignity. 

And that dress… swoon.  🙂

Alright- that’s all I got.  I feel like a big copycat writing about the royal wedding.  How overdone, right?  Oh well… back to reality. 

Enjoy your weekend, reader!


One thought on “I don’t (want to) care…

  1. Kellyn says:

    I’m worse than you…I DVRed the whole thing 3:30am-10am and I will be watching it tonight with a glass or 2 of wine 🙂

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