Soso for Gaga

This time last year, I was OBSESSED with all things Lady Gaga.  In my eyes, the pop star/cultural icon could do no wrong and her albums were permanent fixtures in my car and on my ipod for workouts. 

I first saw Gaga three summer ago performing “Just Dance” on an episode of So You Think You Can Dance.  I must admit, I thought she was a little crazy and “Just Dance” didn’t sell me at first listen.  So, what sold me?  The day I heard “Pokerface” for the first time.  I loved everything about it.  So, I went to Myspace (do people still do that?) and I heard “Lovegame.”  I was hooked.  Gaga for Gaga.  “Pokerface” was even on the MUST PLAY list for our wedding.

The obsession culminated with VIP floor tickets to her Cleveland concert on my birthday last July.  The concert was AMAZING! From the Semi Precious Weapons pre-show to the last encore, I was hooked. It was most definitely the best concert I had ever been to.

@ Lady Gaga. 7-14-10

Then the waiting game started.  I needed new music and I needed it yesterday.  But it didn’t come.  It wasn’t until November (?) that they even announced the name of the next single, “Born this Way.”  I love Gaga’s support of the LGBT community so I was stoked and eagerly anticipated the release.  Finally, in February, it came.

I was underwhelmed.

The song didn’t make me want to get up and dance. It didn’t make me want to go out and save the world from homophobic assholes. It just didn’t move me.  I appreciated the message but it seemed to sacrifice the musical quality for it.  But, I told myself “I’ll still buy the album, no matter what.”  I didn’t like “Just Dance” right away.  I was sure this was just a fluke. 

Then “Judas” was released last week.

Damn it.

…Underwhelmed again.

What happened to the club tracks that made you a star, Gaga?  You changed the face of American radio!  Is this a new sound? Is this the direction you are taking your career?  Because, honestly, I think it’s just so-so.

Gaga is in town tomorrow and, to my surprise, I’m not all that sad to be missing it. The new album hits May 23rd.  At this point, I’ll probably have to listen to a few more tracks before I put down the money.  In a way, it kinda makes me sad to see how my feelings have changed in a year.  Luckily, I’ve got lots of amazing new music to keep me entertained- Semi Precious Weapons, Mumford & Sons and Adele are rocking my world these days.  I’m thinking Florence and the Machine may be next. 

So, any thoughts?  I truly adore Gaga and hope that her new album rocks my world, but, in the meantime, anyone wanna share the Florence and the Machine album???


7 thoughts on “Soso for Gaga

  1. Julie C. says:

    You know, she lost me at that concert last July. There was something too cult-y or religion-y about her show. I felt like I was being indoctrinated. I have a hard time mixing fun, lighthearted pop with overtly serious messages – especially ones about Judas wearing an “ear condom” (or someone else wearing one?).

    Anyway, things evolve and sometimes not for the better. I’m an Adele fan, and getting into Florence and the Machine. Izzy and I both started subscribing to Mog, which lets us listen to music on demand from any album whenever we want to. It’s $10/month, but it really helps make those cd purchasing decisions (or make them obsolete!).

  2. Becca says:

    That does really stink when artists can’t grab the attention of their fans. I haven’t heard any of her albums so I can’t relate but from the sounds of it I’d love to borrow her first album if you’d share. Always looking for new work out music!

  3. Lindsay says:

    I feel the same way about her music lately. Something has turned her and it’s too much. I cant’ join the cult and I don’t want to be one of her little monsters anymore. How sad… Mumford and Sons definitely rocks my house these days though too!

  4. Tom Pestak says:

    What’s up Sara – cool blog.

    I was a pretty into Lady Gaga’s sound early on – she showed up on my Pandora stations before she was what she is now.

    I have to say that I can’t take her seriously at all – and that was OK when her music made me want to dance – now, it sucks, and her quest to be both shocking and taken seriously fails miserably. Her appeal has worn off.

    The real reason though, that I decided to comment, is to give a giant stamp of approval to transitioning to Florence and the Machine. Florence has the best pipes I’ve heard in years and since she wasn’t born in the continental 48 states, there is a decent chance she wont become a caricature as her popularity rises – which it undoubtedly will.

    • You hit the nail right on the head, Tom. Thanks for the comment and the low-down on Florence and the Machine. I’m very close to pulling the trigger on that purchase!

      I hope all is well!!!

  5. Joe says:

    Your blogs are entertaining, Sara. My musical tastes shift all the time so I wouldn’t feel bad. Lady Gaga’s debut album was ground-breaking and very few artists can ever capitalize on something that big. I’m a Jewel fan. Foolish Games got me and I love every single track on her debut album that made her a star. Not surprisingly, she never came close to matching the success of that album or coming up with tracks as good as what defined her as an artist.

    I too am not a big fan of Born This Way (it screams, “hey gay community- here’s an anthem”) or Judas. Check out Avett Brothers- pretty amazing group. Start with Kick Drum Heart by them if you’re not familiar.

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