Let them eat Yellowcake!

Personally, I’m a chocolate cake fan.  I love pretty much anything that involves chocolate.  In my world, chocolate cake is to dessert what tomatos/ketchup/salsa/marinara sauce is to every other meal.  Those who know me can attest to this.  Anybody hungry for chocolate cake now?  I am.

…and now that that tangent is out of the way…

What I am a fan of is Project Runway and especially season 8’s Valerie Mayen.

I loved Valerie’s spunky personality on the show and the fact that she was from Cleveland made it easy to pick her as my favorite contestant of the season.  Sadly, Heidi said “alveterzane” to Valerie much too soon and her quirky commentary was much missed in the last 4 weeks of the show.

But fear not!  Valerie has brought her impeccable construction skills and amazing outerwear back to Believeland with her deliciously delectable Yellowcake line!

The Yellowcake shop has been popping up all over town since the holidays and I got to stop in at her current Gordon Square location yesterday. Valerie herself welcomed my coworker, Lindsay, and me into the delightfully decorated boutique with a smile and caramel corn in adorable waffle cone bowls from Sweet Moses (Detroit Shoreway’s enchanting new soda fountain!)-  things were off to a good start!

I perused for a while looking at the adorable pompom pins, handcrafted headbands and lovely gold jewelry.  Mostly, I perused these items first because I assumed they would be the only things in my price range (just behind honest).  My attention then went to a vibrant flowing black and yellow top with ruffle detailing.

I was intrigued- but there were no sizes?!  I asked Valerie if it was one size fits all.  It was.  I’ll be honest- one size fits all sends up red flags for me.  It’s just so ambiguous.  Does it mean one size fits Valerie Mayen- 5’2″ish and probably about 95 lbs???  Does it mean one size fits the average Cleveland woman- about 5’6″ and 160 lbs (sorry to my fellow Cleveland ladies but it’s probably true)???  That “one size” very rarely fits me- 5’10” and a weight somewhere between the other two.

I was a skeptical, but with encouragement from Lindsay, I tried it on.  Love.  That is all I can say.  Perfect fit.  Totally flattering.  The clothing gods were smiling on me- something they so rarely do. All I needed were my new jeggings, a pair of black heels and a 40 degree jump in the temperate outside and I would have worn that thing out of the store!

Sadly, love at first sight doesn’t come cheap.  The price of love? $58.  I justified it by calling it one of a kind (there were probably about 5 in the store but you get what I mean…). I justified it by saying I was buying local!  I justified it by saying I HAVE TO HAVE THIS.  And so I bought it.  This pretty little piece is sitting in my closet just waiting for an opportunity to make an appearance.  Any opportunity. Quick, someone invite me somewhere fun and flirty!

Oh! I also bought some fabulous gold earrings…

… but my true love is that ruffly top.  It makes me happy.

The moral of the story?  Stop in the Yellowcake pop-up shop in the Gordon Square Arts District (next to the Capitol Theatre) now thru April 3o!  The sweet treats and welcoming environment will put you in just the right mood to buy- and with 5% of all purchases going to charity- you’re shopping for a good cause!


3 thoughts on “Let them eat Yellowcake!

  1. Lindsay says:

    I love that black and yellow top! You know who else loves it? Wiz Khalifa. And Mike Tomlin. 😉

  2. Claudia Taller says:

    Is it still there?

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