Vick vs. The Dawg Pound

To all my readers who are fans of the Cleveland Browns and/or dogs(especially pitt bulls!):

I don’t care much about Madden (or video games in general for that matter) but I recently found out the last round of the race for the 2012 game cover is between Peyton Hillis and Michael Vick. 

I love Peyton Hillis.  He gives me hope for the future of the Browns.  Not to mention that he seems like an all around nice guy. You may say “…but what about the Cleveland Sports Curse?”  I say “screw the curse!” 

Then, you have Michael Vick.  Convicted dog fighter who says he’s sorry… now… because he got caught.  Personally, I don’t think he should be banned from the NFL – he served his time (even if it wasn’t enough) – but he shouldn’t be anybody’s role model OR cover model.

In my mind, there is no contest here. So, I felt compelled to vote.  You should too. 

That is all.  Enjoy your rainy (if you are in Believeland) Tuesday afternoon!


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