Family Size

At work, Cheez-its are my go-to snack item.I can’t resist that cheesy goodness and about 12 of them are just what I need around noon to make it to my 1 p.m. lunch time (I like eating lunch late because it makes the afternoon seem shorter). 

Last week, I was in need of Cheez-its again (I go through a box about every 2 weeks).  So, I’m at the grocery store and I decide to get the Family size for 2 reasons- 1. it’s probably less expensive (maybe?) than the equivalent amount in the regular boxes and 2. it means more time between buying new boxes.

Only problem? I didn’t really think about what I would look like pulling that extra large family size box out of my desk at snack time.  Um, hello huge box of cheesy goodness that looks comically large on my desk…

I guess the Family Size box is okay as long as it doesn’t lead to me looking family sized, right? 

So, what snacks are hiding in your desk?


One thought on “Family Size

  1. Kellyn says:

    Unfortunately…I can not only eat 12 cheez-its as the family size box would last me a week at best. My snack draw has special k bars & granola bars 90 calories of not as delicious as cheez-its 😦

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