Foster Dog #10: Norma Jean


If you haven’t read about our other 9 foster dogs, you can do so here.

We got lucky with the lovely lady above.  Norma Jean is super sweet!  Not to mention that she is housetrained, crate trained and plays well with Henry!! WOO HOO! **Insert happy dance here**

Norma will be our last foster dog before my sister’s move in (we’ll take a short break from fostering in May while we adjust to having another person living in our house!) and I am so glad we took her. 

This sweet little lab mix was origionally pulled from the City of Cleveland Kennel.  She was then adopted through Secondhand Mutts but recently she was returned because her new owners realized they didn’t have the time to care for 2 dogs. Their loss is our gain.  She has been a total joy to have around!

Norma is about 2 years old.  She is housetrained and crate trained.  Norma knows sit and is quickly learning to stay! We are working with her on leash training and not jumping. 

Her best quality? She gets along GREAT with Henry.  From the moment I brought her home they were like long lost best friends – chasing each other around the backyard, gladiator fighting and playing tug.  For a while, I was wondering if maybe Henry was burnt out on the foster dogs.  It was taking him longer and longer to warm up to new dogs in our house.  I now realize that each dog had a different attitude and presence and Henry is going to adjust to each differently. Norma has helped to restore my confidence that having foster dogs around is good not just for us and the fosters but for Henry as well.

Norma is a totally unique dog- all the way from her head to her 24 toes. Yup- that’s right- 24 toes!  She is the cutest little mutant dog you’ll ever see. 

Norma Jean deserves a GREAT home! Think you might want to make Norma a part of your family?  Contact me or visit the Secondhand Mutts website!


One thought on “Foster Dog #10: Norma Jean

  1. Suzanne says:

    I saw Norma Jean on the Secondhand Mutts site and then saw her back and read that the person who adopted her had brought her back—boo. She looks sooooooo cute.

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