BYOBolo- IBL 2011 Recap

What an amazing experience Indian Bear Lodge was this year.  There are hardly words.  I only see some of these people one time a year and every time we leave feeling like best friends.  There is just something awesome about a group of 27 ridicuous individuals that can come together in the middle of nowhere- play some whiffle ball, drink some Seagram’s, play some beer pong and flip cup, hot tub it, play poker, make meals, make fun of each other and GET ALONG doing it all. 

Highlights of the weekend???

  • We met another AWESOME crazy couple from Charlotte. 
  • I actually contributed in beer pong!!! 
  • The 9 inning wiffle ball game featuring an epic slide by Drew and some quality commentating by Casey. 
  • Amazing group meals. 
  • Laughing and passing around a mango Seagram’s Escape on the porch.
  • “Hey, I can ride the Magnum!!”

Thanks to everyone who was there! You are all AMAZING! A very special thank you goes out to Mike and Hannah Belsito for planning this incredible weekend year after year! I can’t wait for IBL 2012!!!!

I think the story plays out best in pictures…

Some photos stolen AGAIN from Dr. Lisa Molinero Strump!


3 thoughts on “BYOBolo- IBL 2011 Recap

  1. Lisa Molinaro says:

    I love it!! I will get your guest photographer any time!!!

  2. Mike Belsito says:

    It’s definitely MY favorite weekend of the year, too!! Can’t wait to keep going year in and year out. Great recap!

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